Sento Oumi
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Sento Oumi

This is a list of characters that appear in the manga and anime series, Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! (also known as Charger Girl! Jūden-chan!!)

Juden-chan (aka Charger Girls), are people from a parallel world whose jobs are to monitor the level of depressions in people. They are generally not seen or heard by humans, and are equipped with technology that allows them to phase through objects too. The people they monitor are ranked A-F based on their depression levels, with A being near suicidal. When a target ranked C or higher is spotted, the jūden-chan pulls a giant plug from a nearby electrical source and charges them with positive energy.

The female protagonist. She is a "Jūden-chan": someone from a world that is parallel to our own, capable of recharging people who are depressed or unlucky. She is however not very good at it and is a bit of an airhead. Because she has the ability to use phasing, she normally can't be seen by regular humans. This is done so she can do her job without causing distraction. She loves to watch an ecchi anime series called "Miracle Witch Milly". Whilst other Juden-chan focus on charging people and getting paid, Plug focuses on discovering the root of their problems so that they won't become depressed again, eventually learning to create these chances herself.

Plug's fellow Jūden-chan and rival, who becomes her supervisor. She is rather serious when it comes to work and is rather annoyed with how Plug is carrying out her job. In turn, Plug finds Alesta irritating for interfering with her work and the two girls tend to fight a lot. She sometimes ends up crying, which Plug uses as blackmail material. Compared to Plug, Alesta is rather busty, which causes Plug to tease her about that. She has feelings for Sento from the moment she saw him, but he is rather oblivious to this. Following their first meeting, Alesta seems to have garnered a fetish for being hit by a baseball bat.

A young man who is the only human capable of seeing both Plug and Alesta. He works at a family restaurant and has a rather short temper, which results in frequently hitting Plug (and at times Alesta as well) with a baseball bat or whatever is within reach; this has become a running gag in the series. He occasionally helps Plug and Alesta with their work, teaching Plug that the best way to find an opportunity to charge is to make one yourself. He lives with his younger sister. He's capable of absorb the counter-current of Kenta Kajiwara, the Z-class boy.

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