Seras Victoria
Celas Victoria
Ceras Victoria
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Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria (セラス・ヴィクトリア, Serasu Vikutoria?) is a fictional character from both the Hellsing anime series and manga series by Kouta Hirano. In both the television series and the OVA, her seiyu is Fumiko Orikasa. Seras' English voice actor in both series was performed by K. T. Gray.

Seras is one of the main characters in the manga and OVA Hellsing. But in the anime, she acted as the point of view character for the audience. Seras is a Draculina, a term used to refer to the female members of the Dracule bloodline, since she has been turned into a vampire by Alucard. A character similar to Seras was present in the prototype version of Hellsing: Legend of the Vampire Hunter.

Source: Wikipedia
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