Shigofumi Stories of Last Letter
Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 12
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
By Kana Ueda
By Yuki Matsuoka
Type: Series
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Shigofumi Stories of Last Letter

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Cute, Quirky, and Serious

So, in my vein of being interested in more obscure works by creators of popular series, the creator of Code Geass was the screenwriter for Shigofumi, which is why I watched this 12-episode series about "postal workers" who deliver letters from the dead to the living.

I really like the overall pacing and progression of the plot in this story: as smaller events happen, a mystery about main character Fumika's past emerges. The colors are gorgeous and the story manages to be mostly serious, but has lighter episodes--one of my favorites is when Fumika is tasked to deliver a letter to a cat--and the talking staffs add some amusing, tension-breaking dialogue into the mix.

Verdict: a quirky, interesting show that is most certainly worth checking out.