Shikabane Hime: Aka
Alternative Names:

屍姫 赫 (Japanese)

Corpse Princess (English) Martwa księżniczka (Polish)

Принцесса Немертвых - Красная хроника (Russian)

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Oct 2, 2008 to Dec 25, 2008
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Shikabane Hime: Aka

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Corpse Princess...not impressed.

Where to begin...The series starts off interesting and entices you to keep watching, but once I reached towards the end of season one, it began to lose its appeal. On average, It takes me about 2weeks to watch a two season series, but this one took me about 2months due to lack of interest by skipping days and watching other stuff on here. The storyline is pretty decent, but I think they dragged it on for too long, as well as making some things confusing and unclear but towards the very end of the series, things finally start to come together. The artwork is well done, female characters look nice; there's some fanservice but not a generous amount.There is however a generous amount of gore which greatly helped keep me interested. Overall, CorpsePrincess is OK but probably wouldn't watch it again. I'd say give it a chance but don't expect too much...

enjoyable to watch...

Shikabane HIme or Corpse Princess was a horror,action and martial art anime,with his and her whole family been killed by a group of shikabanes which is Shichisei,Makina seek a revenge against Shichisei with the help of Keisei Tagami as her contracted Monk and a long with Ouri kagami as the younger brother of Keisei Tagami.At the beginning of the whole episode it only tells what is Shikabane are and how shikabane exist and what the contractor monk use for.At the beginning the story was a bit slow,only a few importance information about the Shikabane been told,even the plot development was a bit slow at the beginning,but at the middle of it the plot development is getting interesting with the pace are getting faster with the introduction of new Shikabane and their Contractor monk and some of action and corpse,However,until the last episode of Shikabane hime:Aka the story was left a big cliffhanger and this's when the second season Shikabane Hime;kuro take places for the cliffhanger....
The Art for this series was to be par for good and bad,some of the animation was sloppy even the action scene was a bit sloppy but still good,the character design was simple and each character had their own distinguishable look,the environment and background was too simple and the colours are a bit dark just to blending into the gloomy atmosphere for most horror genre.
The Sound,the OP/ED was very catchy and it was easy to listen and the BMG was some of it was fit to some scene like the action scene the BMG was a bit disappointing and it was sloppy a bit and some part of the BMG was didn't fit at all for that scene.As for the voice actor sound most of the char are fit with it,and a bit disappointed for Makina voices it just that voices are didn't fit for it at all....the seiyuu has a unique voice but for Makina personality it didn't fit for it.....
Character,the story are mainly focus only for Makina and Ouri character develop with a bit by bit the develop between them are evolved,with supported character helped the character development like the other Shikabane and the contracted monk,and that make some of the supported character didn't develop too much,but some of the supported character and the contractor monk got it flash back for how they meet and and become Shikabane...
Overall,truly this anime was enjoyable to watch,it wasn't that bad at all it was a decent anime but t still worth to watch for those who like horror,action and martial art genre.......however the enjoyment still continued at second season for it.....

Corpse Has Potential

What I've seen of corpse Princess is good. The animation is above par, especially during the fight scenes, sometimes with Anime's it's the opposite so def plus, and the plot is well written and up to date. Their is a smidgen of fan service but it doesn't ruin. I wouldn't even call it fan service necessarily. What's the best thing about this?! Guns. If you're sick of swords like me, and don't want to watch the extreme fan-service of Highschool of The Dead watch this!