Sho Fuwa
Last Name: Fuwa
First Name: Shōtarō
THAT man
THAT guy
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kyoto
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Sho Fuwa

His real name is Shōtarō. He keeps it a secret because he finds it a very old-fashioned and traditional name. He is a typical stuck-up star, and is also very ruthless. Shō had no qualms about tricking Kyoko into going with him to Tokyo so she could be a free servant for him. He also had even less qualms about being extremely cruel to her when she discovered this. Shō eventually figured out that Kyoko was in L.M.E., and was surprised to see her transformation.

Despite his ruthless and cold personality, Sho has a sense of humor that he keeps buried deep down. As Kyoko once commented, Sho has loved comedy shows on TV since they were both kids.

Extended Information

Fuwa Sho is this musicians stage name. His real name is Fuwa Shotaru and he is embarrassed by his name and thinks its uncool and lame. Sho is an new and popular musician and singer in Japan. He is the son of the owner of an inn in kyoto. He left his hometown (asking his childhood friend Kyoko) to go into the city to be become a star. He uses Kyoko as a maid and shows no interest in her romantically (apparently his type is women with very big chests....). He's immature, lazy, a rocker, and a womanizer. He absolutely loves comedy and watching television, despite telling everyone else that he rarely watches television. In front of everyone but Kyoko and Ren he comes off as cool, icy, and mysterious. He sees Ren as his rival, possibly in more than just the show biz. During the filming of a music video, in which both he and Kyoko star, Sho may have started seeing Kyoko in a new light after seeing her crying. As children Kyoko apparently cried a lot and Sho being a sheltered child never knew how to comfort her. However, he is capable of comforting other women easily. When Sho is around Kyoko there is an air about them that make others think they are dating, despite thier protests otherwise. After losing the top spot on the charts to some copy cat musicians and being confronted by Kyoko, Sho tells Kyoko that she is the only one he will ever allow to beat him. Rens sees this as a love confession and Kyoko only sees it as a challenge. The question is does Sho really have feelings for Kyoko (other than that he owns her) or is he just using her to get at his rival, Ren? read manga or watch the anime to find out! :)