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Site Rules

1. Please refrain from linking to or naming sites that share Anime, Manga, Drama, Music, translations, or other material illegally.
2. Crunchyroll’s forums are PG-13. Please keep this in mind when selecting your avatar as well as sharing information in your profile, forum threads & groups.
3. Adult content of any kind has no place in the forums. This includes avatars, user profiles, photos, forum threads & groups.This content will be deleted and can result in account deletion as well.
4. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
5. Trolling, flaming and flamebaiting are discouraged. Participating in these activities is looked down upon and generally results in deletion of the offending post.
6. Don’t Spam (including chainletters). Chainletters are not to be circulated.
7. Please be respectful of other users. Common courtesy, “please” and “thank you” go a long ways.
8. Please try to use the appropriate forum for your thread. Please refrain from creating duplicate threads.
9. Type legibly. Avoid posting multiple images, double posting or creating quote pyramids.
10. Always report bugs you experience on Crunchyroll to the Staff
11. Only Submit Valid Information To Crunchyroll’s Library
12. Only Premium Members may suggest Anime/Drama/Manga or other content for CR to acquire
13. When in doubt, use common sense!

Infringements on these rules will result in a temporary ban. This ban varies upon the infraction & can include deletion of your account.

Please know that the Moderators and Customer Support team are here to help you at all times. If you need help with anything, you may:
- Use the "Report" links found throughout the site.
- Reach us from our Contact Form.
- PM a staff member, whom you can find listed on the Staff page.
- visit the Help Forum for assistance with any of your site related problems.

* For more details view the extended rules: