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Deedlit is a fictional character in the Record of Lodoss War fantasy role-playing game setting, light novels and its derivative anime franchise. A female high elf and shaman (spirit magic-user class in Sword World RPG and Record of Lodoss War Companion), she is the romantic interest and inseparable companion of Parn. Deedlit is a major character in the Record of Lodoss War light novels, and is a considerable icon of an elf in anime.

Deedlit plays almost as much a major role in the Record of Lodoss War OVA, and plays a major role in the beginning episodes of Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, but plays only a lesser role in the later episodes, as the story begins to center around a young knight named Spark. In the third series, Legend of Crysania, she plays no role whatsoever.

Being a shaman, Deedlit relies almost exclusively on elementals and spirits around her to use her magic. For air effects, such as flight, and/or lighting an area she uses Sylph. For water effects, usually for attacking enemies and blocking some attacks, she uses Undine. She does not seem to use fire and earth elementals.

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