Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 15
Type: Series
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From the creative mind of Naoki Hisaya (Head writer of Kanon) and the character designs by Naru Nanao (Designer of Da Capo) brings you Sola (Comes from romanizing the Japanese word Sora (空 meaning sky).

Yorito Morimiya loves taking pictures of the sky so much that one day, he wakes up at 4 AM to take pictures of the sunrise overlooking the bay. However, he is deterred when he meets a strange girl trying to force a vending machine that stole her money. Yorito helps her with forcing the machine but when the machine finally vends, the girl has mysteriouslly vanished.

13 Episodes+2 OVA Specials

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Aono Morimiya (lead)Mai Nakahara
Mana Ishizuki (lead)Youko Honda
Matsuri Shihou (lead)Mamiko Noto
Yorito Morimiya (lead)Nobuhiko Okamoto
Koyori IshizukiAi Shimizu
Mayuko KamikawaTomoko Kaneda
Sae SakuraAmi Koshimizu
Takeshi TsujidoKeiji Fujiwara