Son Dam Bi
Tags: korean, pop, dance, rnb
Last Name: Son
First Name: Dambi
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Type: Person
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Son Dam Bi


Son Dam Bi is a South Korean singer who debuted in 2007. She has been the It Girl among many Korean netizens for several months after somebody accidentally uploaded her dance video online. Then, after her Samsung CF aired on TV, she officially become the “the female Rain". She made her first debut on June 29th on Channel V A-Live. Since then she has performed in concerts and music shows

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Son Dam Bi Extras

Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol.1 [First Mini Album ]

01. Intro
02. Bad Boy
03. 반대말
04. 입다 질린 옷
05. 그만하자
06. Bad Boy (Ballad version)
07. Bad Boy (Instrumental)

Son Dam Bi The Second Mini Album [September 22, 2008 ]

01. 미쳤어
02. 투명인간
03. No Smpathy
04. Play
05. 미쳤어 (Instrumental)

Vol. 1 Type B — Back To The 80's [March 24, 2009]

01. 토요일밤에
02. No Sympathy
03. 두번째라도
04. 느리게잊기
05. Bad Boy (Remix)
06. 미쳤어 (Remix)
07. 그만하자
08. 투명인간
09. Twice Too Many Time
10. 토요일밤에 (Instrumental)

The Queen [July 12, 2010 ]

01. DB Rider
02. Queen
03. Beat Up By A Girl
04. Can't U See
05. Super Duper
06. Queen(Inst.)
07. Can't U See(Inst.)