Spice and Wolf
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Ōkami to Kōshinryō

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Ends Mar 26, 2008
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Spice and Wolf

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Cinamon and Spice, Wolves are...Nice?

Spice and Wolf is a show that I was skeptical about, mostly because of the ears. Female characters with ears inevitably get relegated to the position of hyper-cute character who lacks a deep personality and exists for the fanservice/moe effect.

Horo is not that character. She is spicy. Horo is a wolf deity who takes on the appearance of a human being in order to travel back to her homeland with Lawrence, a traveling merchant. She is a multi-faceted female character, not too strong or too fragile, whose emotions range from mischievous to lonely to haughty to curious. She is smart and unreasonable, charming and cute, and enjoys traveling with Lawrence for the excitement and companionship he brings to her life.

I really like how the close bond between Lawrence and Horo develops throughout their travels and exploits together. They begin to rely upon each other, enjoy each other's company, and learn to recognize and accept each other's faults. Furthermore, this anime focuses a lot on economics and trade, and the characters fit perfectly into their world. 10/10
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Delightfully Wolfy!!

I loved just about ever aspect of this anime. That's saying a lot for me. I usually go into any anime with low expectations. So that I'm never completely disappointed. However this was one of the few anime that isn't mainstream that I genuinely enjoyed.

Plot - 9.5/10 = I believe the plot is relatively unique. I don't want to post the whole thing on here in order to prevent spoiling anything. However I enjoyed the economic theme as I tend to in anime. I feel the execution of the plot could have been handled better. While the side story's/plots were enjoyable I feel like they took away from the main goal of the protagonists. However since this is a romance anime I understand that the main point may not have been to reach the goal the characters were trying to reach.

Art/Animation - 9.5/10 = Pretty good. Everything is quite fluid. The art just happens to be a bit older considering the anime is a few years old. Obviously it doesn't compete with this seasons series.

Characters - 10/10 = My favorite aspect of this anime. I love Holo and Lawrence's chemistry. The way they interact and even act separately is simply splendid. As for the supporting characters I wasn't as impressed however they did not detract from the over all quality of the anime.

All in all it is definitely worth checking out if you are into romance anime or feisty wolf girls.
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Ground Breaking Masterpiece

When I first watched this show I was amazed at how it could make feudal European style finance and economics suspenseful. Sure there are anime with wolf deities and their are romantic fantasies though I can't think of an economic centric anime but I can think of some movies. To bring these elements together I think is ground breaking in that it kind of creates almost a new genre or a sub-genre atleast to the fantasy genre. Just these foundations alone helped to make this anime something refreshing and new. But without great character development and engaging sub-arcs such a grand idea might not have made it out of the starting gate. Thankfully Spice and Wolf had both lovable characters and engaging sub-arc stories that I believe took this refreshing idea beyond just that and ended up creating a master piece. I would have to say that it is a thinking man's masterpiece. One has to be able to understand a historic picture and the impact of money and marketing in such an ancient feudal world to grasp the depth of what the characters are going through as their relationships develop. If all you want is black and white, good guy versus bad guy generic drama and action or romantic comedy antics you won't find it here. I think you find something much richer. This is an anime I definitely intend to add to my collection and I also intend to finish purchasing the manga as well. The same goes for the second season and I am really hoping for a third season.
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One of the best adventures you will ever see in your life.

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ― Helen Keller.

Having a goal in your life is, perhaps, the only way to keep going; otherwise it might be too difficult for one to continue. But, at the same time, finding your aim in life is also not that easy. Kraft Lawrence, the main protagonist of Spice and Wolf, never gives up: he knows what he does and he is not afraid of any difficulties. He is a 25-year-old travelling merchant, who is trying to gather enough money to stop travelling and to start his own shop. One day, at the town of Pasloe, Kraft finds in his wagon a wolf-deity named Horo. She introduces herself as the town’s Goddess of harvest, who has kept the lands of Pasloe blessed with good harvest for many years. However, the Pasloe people have forgotten the caring Goddess and now she wants to return to her homeland. The Goddess persuades the series’ protagonist Lawrence to take her with him and the two start a new journey. What awaits our duo and will they be able to reach the homeland of Horo unharmed? Find out the answer by watching Spice and Wolf now.

Adventure has always been one of the most interesting genres; however, it is also very difficult to make a good one. The main problem here is that it might become boring too fast. Spice and Wolf is truly one of the best series in this genre: you will not be able to predict anything, on the contrary, Spice and Wolf will make you relax and then it will dumbfound you. And you know that feeling is amazing, watching a show, where you do not know what might happen in the next episode is truly pleasant. With that being said, I guarantee you that the story of Spice of Wolf is on the level and you will surely like it, but I would not recommend you to marathon this series, to be honest. I also find it important to mention the fact that the anime is unfinished and to know the ending, you will either have to read the novel, or wait for the anime’s continuation, which has not been announced yet. If it does not scare you, you will not have any problems with the story-line.

The animation captures the medieval setting perfectly. Although the anime was made in 2008, I can say that even for 2016 the animation is still beautiful. Everything: fields, market squares, towns, characters’ outfits, and character designs are very beautiful. And it is because of the fact that this anime pays attention to all colors and this alone makes this series that beautiful. But not only the animation, but also the series’ OST helps you to dive into the atmosphere of Spice and Wolf.

The music in Spice and Wolf is simply splendid. No words will ever describe how beautiful it is. I have never heard an OST that will be as beautiful as in Spice and Wolf, it is something you should listen to, or perhaps get a copy somewhere. The OST does its job and it helps you to appreciate this anime even more. Moreover, the voice actors that took part in this anime did one hell of a job voicing their respective characters. I would recommend you to watch this anime in Japanese, but if you are a big fan of English voice actors, you are free to watch it in English, it is also good, but not as good as the Japanese version.

As for the characters, Spice and Wolf has also many things to offer. Yes, I will not try to hide the fact that this series has weak supporting characters. But in this series there are only two characters, Horo and Lawrence, Spice and Wolf is only about two characters and all other characters do not mean anything. They exist only to complement Horo and Lawrence. That said, let us discuss Horo and Lawrence. Horo is the incarnation of every guy's dream girl: she's strong, confident, and smart, but, at the same time, very charming, weak, and feminine. Her character is unique, because in most anime romances, females either depend on men in everything, or are just too independent. Horo is independent, but she also looks like a weak creature that you want to protect. I find it also important to mention that Horo does not deny that she loves Lawrence. Her main goal is, of course, to return to her homeland, but she is ready to give up on what she needs because of the fact that she likes Lawrence.

Kraft Lawrence, at first, looks like a merchant that only thinks about profit. But after a little while, the viewer understands that Lawrence is an extremely caring individual, who sometimes sacrifices too much. Horo hates it about him, but she also finds his chivalrous conduct attractive. Although, he relies on Horo in terms of protection and sometimes he cannot express his feelings, later on he shows that he is not only ready to protect what is important for him, but also that he is not afraid of showing his true feelings. Lawrence is not just some emotionally numb idiot: he is both strong and able to express his feelings. All in all, Horo’s and Lawrence’s duo is amazing! It is never annoying, it is never boring, you just want them to stay together forever.

Anyway, Spice and Wolf is a very enjoyable series. Everything about it is enjoyable and you just want it to never end: from extremely well-written story-line, to very interesting characters. As I have already mentioned it, Spice and Wolf is not just some boring romance, yes, it is there, but this series tells a story of two lonely people and there is also a grain of reality in it: one should fight for what they love and want to achieve. And believe me, in Spice and Wolf, both Horo and Lawrence will have to fight for what is precious for them.

All in all, I would recommend this series to any person that likes anime. I simply cannot imagine even one reason for you to not watch Spice and Wolf. Yes, there is one reason, but even if do not have a desire to read the novel, you can always find spoilers on the internet, which I would not recommend you to do, to be honest, but it is up to you, of course.

I hope that you will enjoy both seasons of Spice and Wolf, its amazing OST, and perhaps you will also read the novel.
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Horribly addicting, kept me up all night!

I found the first season on Netflix and stayed up all night watching all of it. It's seriously one of the best Anime I've seen in a long time! My thanks to it's creators and to Holo the Wise Wolf! Very in depth story and characters you really get attached to. Though... now I need to find season 2 before I go into withdrawals!
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at first i didn't get it but it is sorta about spices tho i did get the wolf part.

It was awesome when she turned into a wolf. I didn't really like the first episode. She is very smart but can be..... out witted sometimes, Holo. She's my fav character in this merchant story so far. I hope you enjoy.

Long journey to home

9.5/10 Overall

9.5/10 Storyline - really original and besides for a few minor details it fallows the books really well. Doesn't get overly saturated with the romance either just a few hints of possibilities here and there and mainly its flirtatious teasing. Fast paced, without a lot of recaps. Plenty of action and mystery to it to keep you hooked.

8/10 Music - the music they chose goes along with the time period in play in the anime. it helps to emphasis and set the mood rather than be distracting or annoying. Also they did a really good job to not make the music louder than the character voices

8/10 Characters - the characters show growth throughout the anime and don't really stray from the roll they play. There are times when they will shock you but Horo and Lawence both have deep personalities that are believable and not only that like able.

7.5/10 Animation not as colorful or flashy as most animes now a days but the art work and presentation they do is pretty good

All in all I would say that its defiantly an anime worth looking into. Especially if you happen to be looking for an anime that doesn't make wolves or females look bad. Its not an anime that will make you fall into a much of tears like some of them out there but it will leave you wanting to click the next episode button until you've realized its over.
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Long story, Lots of business aspects.

This story is interesting, I like how the writers took their time with the story and let it run as long as it did. It is interesting how Holo interacts with Lawrence and other people they run into. The relationship between the two is up and down at times, leaving me guessing if they will end spit up eventually... There is not too much that happens plot wise, no major events throughout until the season finale. Great animation style I loved watching this when I had nothing else to do.