Stephanie Lee
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Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee Ray (born 1986) is an AIDS patient from Phoenix, Arizona.

[Stephanie Ray] was born with AIDS. Her father and mother separated when she was young. Her mother had contracted the mortal virus during a transfusion, and she died in 1992.

As a ten year old girl, Stephanie made a television AIDS infomercial that was broadcast across the United States. She gained nationwide fame with her "You don't have to be afraid of me" phrase.

That same year, in Vancouver, British Columbia, doctors held a conference announcing a combination of three drugs that help reduce HIV concentration and the risks of other HIV and AIDS complications. Stephanie Ray was among the first patients to try these drugs.

In 1998, she moved to Wisconsin from Arizona with her father. Soon, she was put on a foster home because of possible child abuse and alcoholism problems held by her father. In 2000, however, she made headlines again, as she returned to Arizona, to visit her aunt, Cathy Stelter. She refused to move back to Wisconsin, causing a court-room controversy. Child right advocates were of the opinion that the case demonstrated that children should have more power in court custody decisions.

Source: Wikipedia
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