Sung Min Woo
Last Name: Sung
First Name: Min Woo
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Oh! My Lady
By Choi Si Won
Type: Person
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Sung Min Woo

Choi Si Won plays the prickly top star, Sung Min Woo. Sung Min Woo is a model, singer and actor (although according to Yoon Kae Hwa, he is not a very good one!). He is South Korea's top star and adored by thousands, yet has a rude, selfish and obnnxious personality. In Oh! My Lady, he lands himself in an absurd situation living with the spunky Ajumma, Kae Hwa (played by Chae Rim).

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Extended Information

Oh! My Lady

A spunky 35-year-old housewife, Yoon Gae Hwa, takes on the job of manager to prickly top star Sung Min Woo in order to earn enough money to regain custody of her child from her ex-husband. Romantic hijinks and hilarity ensues when they find themselves in an awkward living situation.