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Super Junior

Channel [V] Battle of Pops: Asia vs. Asia Round 3
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Posted 4/21/09, Edited 4/21/09  Reply  Quote
As we all know as of now, Super Junior won over DBSK in Battle of Pops by acquiring 30000+ votes over 27000+ votes. But of course, every heated competition as this one has its share of rumors. and it's spreading all over blogs and other forums dedicated to both SUPER JUNIOR and DBSK.

Extension for the Deadline of Voting - others said that DBSK should have won already had the voting ended by the
deadline originally set by Channel [V] which was April 17, 2009. The casting of
votes was extended since the site 'crashed' obviously due to large number of
voters logged-on at the same time. Had the management stick to the original
deadline DBSK should have won already.

ELF Cheated - I couldn't find a good source explaining how in the world ELF cheated on the
said competition but the reason why others are saying this is because even
though the site was down and really, really, really hard to access votes for
Super Junior amazingly increased (they say rocketed) while DBSK votes
seem to be slow at increasing.

VIP is in connivance with ELF - they said that VIPs (Big Bangs Fanclub) was so angry that DBSK won over
Big Bang during the first so to 'get even' with the Cassies they had an alliance
with ELF and decided that they will also vote for SUPER JUNIOR just to be
sure that DBSK loses the battle.

So what do you think guys? Do you have anything to say? I didn't make this thread so that ELF will hate Cassies. Cassies are basically ELF and ELF are basically need to fight and bash over who wins who. I made this so that we SUPER JUNIOR fans can say what we have in mind about this whole thing. So again, no need to bash other fanbases. Be objective and if possible, don't name names. ^_^
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Posted 4/21/09, Edited 4/21/09  Reply  Quote
as for my comment on these issues...

Rumor 1: Elf and Super Junior Fans could have done nothing with that decision. It is the decision of the management to extend the deadline and it really has nothing to do with any of us. To tell you honestly, I was really frustrated that the site was so damn hard to access during those critical times. And I was actually already losing hope (sorry!) that SJ will win because of this but then they decided to extend the deadline of course we're happy no need to doubt that. We were happy that we can still cast our votes for the guys nothing more. Had the competition ended by the original date and DBSK won, I would have been totally destroyed but sooner or later accept that DBSK and Cassies won over us once again.

Rumor 2: I don't know about cheating because I sure did had the hardest time logging-in to the registered accounts I made just so I could cast one vote. Call me a loser with no life but i did use 2 laptops and a desk top just so I could cast every vote that I can. I'm sure those who voted for SJ will feel a little hurt hearing this. I mean, we worked hard too. I'm sure we all did.

Rumor 3: This is what hurts me the most. Aren't ELF and Cassies family, brother and sisters? Did you ever think that we would ever betray each other and go against each other? Didn't we promise to go through everything together? To protect our guys together no matter what? You were there for us when we needed you and we were there for you when you needed us. No need for you to doubt us because ELF and Cassies are family just like how SUPER JUNIOR and DBSK are brothers. I'm sure that those who have not forgotten this were happy that SUPER JUNIOR won. Don't let those rumors and guys get in between us. Just help us win the next rounds.

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Posted 4/22/09, Edited 4/22/09  Reply  Quote
I myself don't know about this issue, but it does make me curious a bit. I like both groups but when it comes to singing I like DBSK more since they really sing as a group and no one is left out. Somehow I think there's something fishy with the voting as well. I'm not being bias or anything. I wanted to vote to that Battle of the Pops but the first time I went there, I don't know how. The time when someone already sent me a direct link for registering to that site, I was ready to vote but the site was DOWN because of people registering countless times. Then they said DBSK is winning, that was a relief but I wanted to vote so I tried once more just to be disappointed because the site was down again. The next day I saw a comment on YouTube that their losing SuJu which alarmed me to check on the site again but to my surprise it's still down. Even I waited for a couple of minutes and visit it countless of times I can't get in. I'm starting to wonder how could SuJu quickly catch up with them when there's a problem connecting to the site. I don't know about the ELF or Cassies or whoever are responsible for this... but I wanted clarification for this matter like other people who are curious. ehehe ^^ Plus if people will tell me it's a matter of your networking that's one rubbish reason I could get. (sorry for the rudeness)

SInce DBSK and SuJu are brothers I don't actually mind that much but it doesn't give me any reason not to be curious or to doubt the result of the battle. Congratulations to SuJu though... eheh
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Posted 4/22/09, Edited 4/22/09  Reply  Quote
EH???? Cheated?? No way~ I had hard time accessing the site during those days.. Heck! I really want for suju to win so I was planning to make several accounts but then I can't access the site. I'm a CASSIE and an ELF. Yes. My avi is jaejoong oppa but i voted for suju coz i think its time for them to reign the Asia. I don't think Cassie's started those rumor though~ I think those who started those rumors are neither a Cassie nor an ELF. As for the site being down~ i think its US the Cassie's and ELF's fault. LOL!! We guys want to win DBSK over SuJU/SuJu over DBSK so we all went to the site just to vote. Imagine, if you combine the Cassie's and ELF's all over the world how many people would that be...??? It would be a miracle for a site NOT TO CRASH DOWN BECAUSE OF THAT. Come on guys~ its a friendly competition over the two~why paint it with those kinds of rumor???

p.s. I was so freaking EXCITED that time. LOL. Coz for the first time ever my most favorite groups DBSK and SuJu are up against each other.
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28 / F / guess what, earth
Posted 4/22/09, Edited 4/23/09  Reply  Quote
i vote for suju for this round. i love DBSK same as SUJU,but seriously , i did read about the alliance but then only one person suggested that they should vote those who against DBSK ....but one thing for sure ELF have nothing to do with it..

Let me remind here, only one person suggested that stupid ideas but we dun know whether VIP did that or dun blame all VIP because we dun know that for sure...What ever it is congrat to all ^^ whether u r casssi,VIP or ELF...we did vote for our beloved idols..

here is the website to that tru' all the comments and u will find one person suggested that stupid idea,,,but i think some other people also found this idea on others blog...but i only knew this blog...
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Posted 4/24/09, Edited 4/24/09  Reply  Quote
i got mad that i couldn't get on the site to vote...i only votes like 3 times and later the site was down...i was sad. i thought that suju had lost because the last time that i had voted they were losing to dbsk.and i couldn't get on the site for the entire period that battle was going on and E.L.F. did not CHEAT! its obviously that everyone who voted, voted more then once..not like only. e.l.f. did that..but i'm just saying i'm positive that SUJU won fair and square
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Posted 4/24/09, Edited 4/25/09  Reply  Quote
lol hi ferusa! congratz for the new thread

aahhhh, yes...this battle do cause both fanclub to beat against each saddened me a little coz they are brothers...but i do think itz time for SuJu to conquer Asia...they oredi felt hopeless n scared that they might lose our love since they are on hiatus for long time (almost 1 n half year without new album i mean)...n their latest album is GREAT!!!! they deserve this!!

i am both SuJu and DBSK fans but i made up my mind n vote for suju this time round coz they are the 1st + earliest korean boy group i fell in love with...they captured my heart with their sweetness (DONGHAE OPPA!), craziness (HEENIM!), dorkiness (EETEUK n EUNHYUK OPPA!), cuteness (KIBUMMIE, SUNGMIN OPPA!), superb voice (KYU, RYEOWOOK, YEHSUNG), gag (KANGIN!), sweet but very charismatic on stage (HANKYUNG OPPA), superb acting (SIWONNIE) and childish-like (SHINDONG!)

no matter how i much i love other group, i will alwizz come back to love SuJu..

no matter how much i love other group, SUPER JUNIOR will forever be the FIRST in my heart... :)

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Posted 5/12/09, Edited 5/13/09  Reply  Quote
Do you guys think win SUJU fair and square?? Yesh, im happy that SUJU won. but is like .....
Is like one person, make several accounts just to vote SUJU.
It kinda show that SUJU is really hopeless and its also like nobody gonna vote for them...
Why make so much things up? i meant the Rumours here and rumours there..
Have u guys think that, those ppl making rumours here and there will hurt suju dbsk bigbang relationship?

p.s - i dont even know about the ELF or and fans club quarreling stuff.
and if the deadline were extended, those fans still can vote for dbsk ryte? why like wanna blame suju fans or whad because of the "rocket" vote??

im just here to write my point of view, no hard feelings....

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24 / F / look behind you. (:
Posted 8/4/09, Edited 8/5/09  Reply  Quote
^ it doesnt show that suju is hopeless. it just shows that elf is doing whatever they can to help suju win. it shows they are hardworking, & trying to bring victory to suju.
& do you think cassies arent doing that either? its just trying to help the band they love win. and whats wrong with doing that?
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Posted 8/23/09, Edited 8/23/09  Reply  Quote
Hello,,,,,,,, DBSK has to admit that SuJu is more great when it comes to dancing.. hahahax..
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23 / F / in super junior's...
Posted 9/24/09, Edited 9/25/09  Reply  Quote
VIP did voted for suju after big bang lose ....
its the fact
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Posted 10/7/09, Edited 10/7/09  Reply  Quote
uhh i don't know..
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Posted 10/10/09, Edited 10/10/09  Reply  Quote
cassies and elfs are family and they know to play fair as for vips they are also friends with cassies and elfs they support each other at times but i don't remember them ever having a fight
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