Super Junior
Name: Super Junior
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Founded: 2005-11-06
Leader: Leeteuk
Rapper: Eunhyuk
Rapper: Shindong
Vocalist: Choi Si Won
Vocalist: Donghae
Vocalist: Hankyung
Vocalist: Henry Lau
Vocalist: Kang-In
Vocalist: Ki Bum Kim
Vocalist: Kim Hee Chul
Vocalist: Kyuhyun
Vocalist: Ryeo Wook
Vocalist: Sungmin
Vocalist: Yesung
Vocalist: Zhou Mi
Type: Collective
Page Views: 978710
Fans: 5865
Forum Posts: 2677
Wall Posts: 3049
Photos Uploaded: 1826

Super Junior

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Posted 6/25/09, Edited 6/25/09  Reply  Quote

For those non- korean.. if you want tickets for the SUPER SHOW II but juz cant understand hangul, just click the link provided.
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Posted 6/25/09, Edited 6/25/09  Reply  Quote

MAJOR!The Second Asia Tour Super Show II

After the success of Sorry,Sorry & It’s You, Super Junior will hold their Second Asia Tour Concert-The Second Asia Tour: Super Show II. SM ent. stated the tour will start on July 17 in Seoul and they will hit a total of 10 cities (including Beijing, Bangkok, Shanghai, Taipei, etc) They will be performing songs from the 3rd album and many more songs. ^^

The first concert in Seoul will be held for 3 days (17-19).

Tickets are available at G-market.

SM Ent. already updated SJ’s homepage with all the information. Damn!

Fri, July 17: 6:00 pm

Sat, July 18: 6:00pm

Sun, July 19: 4:00pm

Place: Olympic Park Fencing Stadium (WG held their concert here back in March)

cr: sjmarket (google translations) +

i juz can't wait! i realy hope malaysia wud b chosen as one of the pit-stop!!! oppa, i realy want to go to ur concert!!!!!!!
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Posted 6/25/09, Edited 6/25/09  Reply  Quote

[090624] Kibum INJURED? Not performing for Super SHOW II

Down with leg injury, member KiBum will not be participating for Super Junior concert

Super Junior KiBum has been known to have injured his legs and will not be participating for Super Junior’s concert opening in July.

It was known that KiBum has fell down while exercising on 13th June and had to receive treatment for 6 weeks. His injured left leg will also have to be in a cast.

The physician who tended to KiBum’s injuries, “It is not advisable for him to take part in the powerful dancesteps for the concert, he should be careful with is injury and advisable not to participate in the concert.”

KiBum said, “I’m so sorry to be off trouble. Even though it is a shame that I cannot take part in the concert, I’m sure the other members will present great performances in my stead. Please do look forward to Super Junior’s concert.”

Super Junior’s 2nd concert ‘The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW Ⅱ’ will be held from 17th till 19th July in Seoul.

source: sj-market
cr: sapphirepearls

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Posted 6/27/09, Edited 6/27/09  Reply  Quote
me too! hope malaysia will be suju ss II pit stop! suju please rock malaysia!
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Posted 6/30/09, Edited 6/30/09  Reply  Quote
aww i would have really wanted to see them perform. come to the united states!!!!
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Posted 7/2/09, Edited 7/2/09  Reply  Quote
Yeah... Suju pls come to M'sia... They should've come to Msia since DBSK didnt come... LOL~
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Posted 7/4/09, Edited 7/4/09  Reply  Quote

i just hope the others won't take this the wrong way again..!!
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Posted 7/6/09, Edited 7/6/09  Reply  Quote
another malaysian e.l.f here that wish they would stop by at malaysia for concert..
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Posted 7/12/09, Edited 7/13/09  Reply  Quote

How should ELFs act at a concert?

So a K-ELF wrote this back in January for SS’s encore concert, but still I thought i share it with you all since SSII concert was coming up..^.^

↔Listen and only listen

When our members are singing a ballad song. Let’s just listen to our members’ beautiful voices. When the concert DVD comest out and even during the concert, if we scream too loud, the other fans cannot enjoy the song. Super Junior might even come out on TV with a soft ballad song..When the fans are always singing along with the song or scream out the members’ names, the non-fans think bad of us. We dont want that to happen right? From now on, Let’s just listen to our members when they are singing a soft ballad song~

Let’s give strength and support to our members. Also, singing along really loud interrupts the singers when they are trying to sing.

→Individual Fans goods and flan card/led electric signs

Individual fans goods, they say that they are trying to support the members, but that statement is just hypocrtitical.

I want to tell those who buy these individual fan goods something~ there is nothing to gain from buying those goods..pleaset note this. Buying those goods just benefits the fansite/organization that sells the product. If a member acknowledges the product in a way, it’s only the fansite/organization that benefits because the sales go up. Our only official goods are the ones that sm makes and the pearl sapphire blue and glowsticks..individual goods of course also damages our members~ there is no equal amounts of goods for each member. they wont say it out loud, but if a member has fewer goods, he might be a little upset.

*The goods we are talking about here are not those that you keep as a possession, but use publicly to support the boys.

Flan cards, they are prohibited in our fandom. you know that right?

Our pearl sapphire blue balloons are much prettier that all those different colors. Also, flan cards made to advertise a fansite does not work, it just looks really bad. it doesnt look as pretty as you you are taking the risk to hinder the person behind you from looking at our members. honestly, it looks weird and is unnacceptable.

LED signs, i know that international fans use them more than korean fans. disturbs the performance. the light is too bright, so it hurts our eyes. also, when it hit my head, it hurts so much. dont you think it’s better to use our pretty glowstick than the expensive led sign?

International fans, we know that you love super junior as much as we do, and we undertand~ however, flan cards, led signs and individual fan goods are all prohibited. this came up in the sm site and although there wasnt anybody really regulating this, everybody was just following these rules among ourselves as part of our manner.

we know that you might be a little upset, but please do not bring led signs. please and we love you.

Individual goods, flan cards, and led signs worsen the situation of fans liking only one member out of the 13 members. let’s all tonly take our pretty pearl sapphire blue glowsticks~

→Manners to follow in fandom

What i mean in ‘manner’ includes everything from how we call the members and how we should treat our other fans everything.

[I dont understand why she said UFO text here]—-UFO text messages, dont say anything pertaining the BL (boy’s love). our members’ friends and even family attend the concert. i cant imagine BL stuff coming out when they are present ..BL is considered a low, secret part of a fandom so let’s keep it secret and not publicize it.

WE all know that in korean culture, you dont just say the person’s name when that person is older than you right?

That goes with our members also. before they are star, they are human beings and they deserve human rights…they told us in their radio stations that theyve become disconcerted and confused when fans call them by their names only.

OPPA! OPPA!! now that sounds really good and friendly. also, if you are older than our members, dont be too harsh on our members.

I dont think anybody throws away trash inside and outside the performance center right?

Think about the people who have to clean them up..dont you feel sorry. let’s bring plastic bags to throw away our own trash and throw away other’s trash too if needed.

Public opinion will be ruined if there’s lots of trash on the ground.

How people think of us ELFs determine how they think of SJ.

Which fandom is the most well-mannered? of course, it’s ELF!!
We even survived the kiss scene in Xanadu.
Manner is just natural for us now.
Why dont we show everyone again that well mannered ELF. WE CAN DO IT!!


shared by stalker93

I took so long retyping it all. -urgh-

**I dont remember when it was, but it was a long time ago, ELF wrote all over the seats of some event sj attended and made them look really bad…….ELF is growing up. lol

honest note from ur fellow E.L.F, redchuckish:

frankly speaking, i honour but never really treasure the word E.L.F,,,reading this, i swear! im glad im an glad all of us are growing now, mature n more responsible towards our action n manner,,

so E.L.F, spend some time and read this,,,this is what a truly E.L.F is-----
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Posted 7/17/09, Edited 7/17/09  Reply  Quote
can someone tell me wat asia countries that suju will perform???
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Posted 7/19/09, Edited 7/19/09  Reply  Quote
OMG i saw the fancams and the interviews they all looked so good hangeng's old hair and eunhyuk in red and heechul they all look great i really wana be there i'm gona cry
for all fans that are going to the concerts have fun and and cam alot so we will too
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Posted 7/20/09, Edited 7/20/09  Reply  Quote
Confirmed Cities.

The following are the cities that were officially announced by the organizers where Super Show will stop by.
►Beijing, China (TBA)
►Shanghai, China (TBA)
►Seoul, South Korea (07/17-19) √
►Taipei, Taiwan (TBA)
►Bangkok, Thailand (TBA)

credit: [email protected] CR

that's it for now,,but i think there'll be more,,anyway, i'll update as soon as i can,,miahnaeyo
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Posted 7/20/09, Edited 7/21/09  Reply  Quote
Everysing Super Show II

credits: [email protected]sapphirepearls
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Posted 7/20/09, Edited 7/21/09  Reply  Quote

At the moment this article is posted here, SS2 has already ended

[090721] Kyu’s Cyworld Entry -Advice to fans

Written on 2009.07.17 at 05:29 AM


I have something to tell the people coming to Super Show 2


You know that since it’s really hot you should come prepared for it

The first thing I’d like to recommend is… you should know about those ice packs right?

Portable ice packs? Sort of about the size of those portable rectangular-shaped heating pads

with liquid inside? For what I heard if you smash that thing it’s refreshing!

You need to buy 5 of those, 10 sounds good too !

Buy them but you must not do it just about every time it’s a little hot

And when it’s really…. very hot… I get too hot and annoyed and since I go crazy

it makes me want to punch the person next to me, please use these* when it’s hot

And freeze your water bottles well and be prepared for 2~3 hours

and preparing tissues too would be good, without bothering the person next to you who feels hot**

See you later ^^

* These = the ice packs
** ….not bothering = not punching them, I guess.
PS. He’s basically giving fans advice and telling them to use ice packs, tissues, cold water bottles, etc. in order to not go crazy due to the incredible heat and start punching other fans. He’s a special one, our Kyuhyun– taking after the leader with this cy entry.

Original Source. 조규현
Credits to La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

ommo,,,isnt dat ADORABLE??? *high*
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Posted 7/20/09, Edited 7/21/09  Reply  Quote

SJ Press Conference Article (Malaysians, SJ’s COMING!!)

- Leeteuk said they planned to have 15 concerts this time and they’ll come to Thailand, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia…as well. Shindong also said they might perform song in that country’s native language when they come to there

OMIGOD!!!!!!! i juz found this statement!!! OMG Malaysian E.L.F,,,,isnt dat great??? kyaaaaaa~~~~~ i'll go find a better article,,,aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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