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Super Junior

kanging's assault case: innocent or not??
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Posted 9/17/09  Reply  Quote
is kangin really innocent and just a victim on the assault?
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Posted 9/19/09  Reply  Quote
i certainly hope so! it may not look in his favor since he''s known to be a little aggressive. but i believe he's innocent! he's a good guy!
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Posted 9/20/09  Reply  Quote
Of course INNOCENT!!!!! he's not my fave but i tink he wun do such a ting.......he's a human too..... prob his.............CLONE or something
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Posted 9/21/09, Edited 9/21/09  Reply  Quote
The person above me is really mad woman... =-= He is innocent for sure. We trust him 100% right ELF?
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Posted 9/22/09  Reply  Quote
yes he is, according to the police report with cctv, he ignore the man who keep on teasing him with voilent action, until he is pissed off, and seek revenge, police declared it as self defense, but still under further investigation...
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