Super Junior
Name: Super Junior
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Founded: 2005-11-06
Leader: Leeteuk
Rapper: Eunhyuk
Rapper: Shindong
Vocalist: Choi Si Won
Vocalist: Donghae
Vocalist: Hankyung
Vocalist: Henry Lau
Vocalist: Kang-In
Vocalist: Ki Bum Kim
Vocalist: Kim Hee Chul
Vocalist: Kyuhyun
Vocalist: Ryeo Wook
Vocalist: Sungmin
Vocalist: Yesung
Vocalist: Zhou Mi
Type: Collective
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Super Junior

Eunhyuk Down with Swine Flu :[
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Posted 2/25/10  Reply  Quote

It’s been a while we’ve last heard from this fellow. His first name is swine. Last name is flu.

SM Entertainment has revealed that Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has been diagnosed with swine flu.

On the night of February 25th, Eunhyuk had symptoms of a cold so he went to the hospital to get a check up. The results weren’t good as he was confirmed with swine flu the following day and is currently resting at home.

All of Eunhyuk’s activities will be canceled, including KBS FM Kiss The Radio. He will also not be able to attend SNSD’s encore concert this weekend so fellow Super Junior members, Leeteuk and Heechul will fill in instead.

Best of luck to Eunhyuk and let’s hope he has a speedy recovery!

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Hope he gets better reeeeeaaaaalllll soon :D
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22 / F / A dangerous ditch >D
Posted 2/25/10, Edited 2/25/10  Reply  Quote
EDIT: Sorry, I double posted.

Seriously, crunchyroll should have lasting Delete options -_-
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Posted 3/4/10  Reply  Quote
awwww, poor eunie. T______________________T
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Posted 3/6/10  Reply  Quote
he's Fine now..
He even posted on his Cyworld that his back..
Hopefully he will be able to join their SSII Concert in Shanghai?(im not sure if it's shanghai..)
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