Super Junior
Name: Super Junior
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Founded: 2005-11-06
Leader: Leeteuk
Rapper: Eunhyuk
Rapper: Shindong
Vocalist: Choi Si Won
Vocalist: Donghae
Vocalist: Hankyung
Vocalist: Henry Lau
Vocalist: Kang-In
Vocalist: Ki Bum Kim
Vocalist: Kim Hee Chul
Vocalist: Kyuhyun
Vocalist: Ryeo Wook
Vocalist: Sungmin
Vocalist: Yesung
Vocalist: Zhou Mi
Type: Collective
Page Views: 962843
Fans: 5865
Forum Posts: 2677
Wall Posts: 3049
Photos Uploaded: 1826

Super Junior

HELP!! fanboard
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Posted 3/21/10  Reply  Quote
on super junior's official site ( you know how there's a fanboard? i don't know the password.... what is it? or do u have to register somewhere?
here are some pics to help you if u dont know what i'm talking about.

(where i circled something in red means to click it...)
step 1: at the bottom of the site, there's something labeled "FANBOARD"

optional step: then you'll reach a page with lots of topics and stuff, click on "ENG" (u don't have to but that's where i go...)

step 2: at the bottom of the page, click on "WRITE"

step 3: sooo u type what u want to say and on the bottom, u have to put in a password.

does anyone know what it is or do i have to get an account somewhere? i'd really like to get a message across to super junior. if u can help, plz reply! thanks!
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Posted 6/4/10  Reply  Quote
the password is sapphireblue.
it worked for me.
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Posted 3/15/11  Reply  Quote
i didn't know what to put either so i put something random.....and it worked.....o______o
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