Super Junior
Name: Super Junior
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Founded: 2005-11-06
Leader: Leeteuk
Rapper: Eunhyuk
Rapper: Shindong
Vocalist: Choi Si Won
Vocalist: Donghae
Vocalist: Hankyung
Vocalist: Henry Lau
Vocalist: Kang-In
Vocalist: Ki Bum Kim
Vocalist: Kim Hee Chul
Vocalist: Kyuhyun
Vocalist: Ryeo Wook
Vocalist: Sungmin
Vocalist: Yesung
Vocalist: Zhou Mi
Type: Collective
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Super Junior

SM Town 2010 LA
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Posted 7/27/10, Edited 7/27/10  Reply  Quote
So I am going to SM Town in LA
and i have been reading on fan forums and fan/anti sites about people planning on
doing rude and disrespectful things while some of the groups perform.
So here is my fan plea, lets make this SM Town amazing and i hope everyone can put their
biases aside for one night so we can all have a great time!
If things dont go well SM might not want to have anymore concerts overseas,
and if people are rude it reflects on all of us as a country and as international fans.
So lets all do our part to make SM Town LA the best!!
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Posted 8/9/10, Edited 8/10/10  Reply  Quote
Oh I saw a commercial for this on televison! I really want to go! Especially since SuJu are going to be there! :DD Hopefully this SM concert does well, since it's their first time coming to the US, and many fans will go to support! SM figthing!! xDDD
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Posted 8/18/10, Edited 8/19/10  Reply  Quote
omg tell me about it! i can't believe ppl are being so idiotic. they complain about netizens when they're not too far off. I also hope that everything will run smoothly and I will be cheering for all sm town ppl. especially suju and snsd <3
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Posted 8/25/10, Edited 8/25/10  Reply  Quote
damn! i really wanna go! omg but i'm busy
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Posted 11/25/10, Edited 11/26/10  Reply  Quote
i wish i could go too
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