Super Junior Trot
Tags: korean, pop, trot, dance
Leader: Leeteuk
Vocalist: Eunhyuk
Vocalist: Kang-In
Vocalist: Kim Heechul
Vocalist: Shindong
Vocalist: Sungmin
Type: Collective
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Super Junior Trot

Super Junior-T
Super Junior T

This is the second official sub-unit of Korean boy band, Super Junior, established on February 2007. They are one of the few new generation singers known to have been capitalizing trot music, the oldest form of Korean pop music.

The 6 members group consisting of HeeChul, EeTeuk, KangIn, ShinDong, SungMin and EunHyeok arrived with its first single, featuring three songs including "Rokkugo" (Rokuko). The single's rankings quickly rose in both Korea and Thailand-based music stations and was #1 on the charts two months later. Due to their active participance in trot music and their comedic appearances, the subgroup gained outstanding attention from the older audience despite their well-known young idol images that was created for them in their mother group.

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