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Suzuki Sonoko

The anime and manga series Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵 コナン?, Detective Conan) in Japan, features an extensive cast of characters created by Gosho Aoyama. The series takes place in Modern day Japan and follows a gifted amateur detective named Jimmy Kudo where he solves cases in an episodic formula to a Whodunit fashion with the occasional Inverted detective story.

The series begins when Jimmy Kudo is fed a deadly poison by Gin and Vodka which was designed to kill a person without any physical symptoms. The poison instead changed his body to that of a young child. Jimmy realizes that if the two men learn of his survival, they would murder anyone associated with him and takes up the alias Conan Edogawa. Hiroshi Agasa places Jimmy in the care of his childhood friend and love Rachel Moore, and her father Richard Moore. Jimmy then adapts to his daily life as Conan and helps Richard solve cases whilst keeping his identity a secret from others. During the course of the series, Conan learns that Gin and Vodka are part of a mysterious criminal syndicate called the Black Organization and thus begins his quest to take down the Organization. Throughout the series, Conan interacts and befriends many characters with the most notable being: The Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the local police in Conan's prefecture; The Junior Detective League, a group of children who solves mysteries for their clients; The FBI and Harley Hartwell, a high school detective in Osaka who knows of his true identity.

The manga became licensed by Viz Media while the animation was licensed by Funimation Entertainment. The two companies attempted to Americanize the character names with both companies using different names for the same characters on several occasions. The list follows the Viz transliteration names.

Jimmy Kudo, known as Shinichi Kudo (工藤 新一, Kudo Shin'ichi?) in Japan, is the protagonist of the series. Jimmy is a brilliant high school detective who often solves difficult cases for the police. During one of his investigations, he is attacked and forced to take an experimental poison by a member of the Black Organization. The drug was supposed to kill him, but due to a rare side-effect, he was inadvertently shrunk back to his childhood body. In order to keep his true identity a secret, he now goes under the alias Conan Edogawa (江戸川 コナン, Edogawa Konan?) and pretends to be a real child to throw off suspicion while he secretly solves many cases and looks for clues about the organization. He fears the organization will come back and kill him and everyone he knows if it is discovered that he isn't really dead. He is also openly in love with his childhood friend, Rachel Moore but can't reveal his feelings to her due to his current condition. His two Japanese voice actors are Kappei Yamaguchi for Jimmy and Minami Takayama for Conan. He is voiced by Jerry Jewell for Jimmy and Alison Viktorin for Conan in the English localization. In the live drama he was portrayed by Shun Oguri in teenage form and Nao Fujisaki in child form.

Rachel Moore, known as Ran Mori (毛利 蘭, Mōri Ran?) in Japan, is Jimmy Kudo's best friend since elementary school. Both are in love with one another but neither have the courage to admit their feelings. She has a strong bond with Kazuha Toyama. She is a highly skilled martial artist with a black-belt in Karate and is well-trained by her father in Judo. She is currently the captain and ace of her Karate team as well as the regional champion. Her deceptive strength and skill have been seen repeatedly, both from her ability to effortlessly smash very sturdy objects and taking out possible assailants. Despite her expert-level prowess, her resolve can be easily broken if she has to face anything related with the horror genre. She is also very skilled in all forms of house chores, including sewing and cooking, and is astonishingly lucky at games of chance, having never known to lose once. She spends most of her home life looking after Conan and her irresponsible father. There are many times she suspected Conan Edogawa to be Jimmy and even came to the conclusion that Jimmy was shrunk by an unknown drug. Her Japanese voice actress is Wakana Yamazaki and her English voice actress is Colleen Clinkenbeard. In the live drama, she was portrayed by Tomoka Kurokawa.

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