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  • Gregar01
    I just love SAO, the story is great, and it just makes wish our world was like that, excluding the you know life threatening microwave brain fryer! i cant wait for the future!
  • XxxKiki-chanxxX
    It would be super cool in my opinion to play in an S.A.O like this where you move your whole body and everything. It would just be scary if it become a matter of life and death when you loose all your health though. It's a great series!
  • Palirus
    I have to say I've been an avid gamer of RPG's since its birth as a D&D (pen/paper) to its current form and the idea is quite compelling and alluring S.A.O to me is a fantastic show. I would have been a beater for sure.
  • DavidMoe
    I think this is an interesting series so far. I would totally play S.A.O. If it was a real thing, and you didn't get killed by losing all your health.