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Gonin - Movie
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  • 9/11/12
    I just love SAO, the story is great, and it just makes wish our world was like that, excluding the you know life threatening microwave brain fryer! i cant wait for the future!
  • 9/8/12
    It would be super cool in my opinion to play in an S.A.O like this where you move your whole body and everything. It would just be scary if it become a matter of life and death when you loose all your health though. It's a great series!
  • 9/8/12
    I have to say I've been an avid gamer of RPG's since its birth as a D&D (pen/paper) to its current form and the idea is quite compelling and alluring S.A.O to me is a fantastic show. I would have been a beater for sure.
  • 9/7/12
    I think this is an interesting series so far. I would totally play S.A.O. If it was a real thing, and you didn't get killed by losing all your health.