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Tae Yang
Tags: korean, pop, rnb
Last Name: Dong
First Name: Yong Bae
Tae Yang
Dong Yong Bae
YB Tae Kwon
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Birthday: May 18, 1988
Blood Type: AB
Member of:
Big Bang: Lead Vocalist
Type: Person
Page Views: 58829
Fans: 1043
Forum Posts: 24
Wall Posts: 250
Photos Uploaded: 212

Tae Yang

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:

im your fan tae yang@Dong Yong Bae

tae yang.. @ Dong Yong Bae.. is a good looking boy. i love his look. very down to earth in every interview. shy bt brave when its about music work(dancing too~). very glad 2 b his fan~!! would love 2 c him or other member in big bang or THE BIG BANG group 2 perform in sabah,malaysia 4 d first time!!