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Taizo Masaki

The following is a list of characters from the Japanese anime and manga series Omamori Himari. The series focuses on Yuto Amakawa, the descendant of the Amakawa Family of Demon Slayers, and Himari, a cat demon who has sworn an oath to protect Yuto from the Ayakashi that are out to take his life. Omamori Himari features a wide and diverse range of characters, from humans to Demon Slayers and Ayakashi, some of which are allies. All of the main characters (except for Shizuku and Liz) are 16 years old at the start of the series.

Yuto Amakawa (天河 優人, Amakawa Yūto?) is the protagonist of the series. He is the sole descendant of the Amakawa Family (天河家, Amakawa Ke?, ranked #6), one of the 12 Demon Slayer families who had fought and slain Ayakashi for hundreds of years. His parents died in a car crash when he was eight years old and he fell into a deep depression when he arrived in Takamiya until Rinko helped him out of it. He also has a terrible cat allergy, which would cause his eyes to water and his nose to run as well as causing him to sneeze uncontrollably whenever he's near one (i.e. Himari, with her human form being the only exception). He is a friendly and caring guy, but he can be uncomfortable and nervous in perverted situations or harem acts. He is also afraid of cliffs and he doesn't like to climb trees. These occurred in his childhood when he tried to climb a tree every time to get to Himari only for him to fall each time and when he fell from a cliff one night during his walk home. He spent most of his childhood with his grandparents in Noihara Village (now called Noihara City), where he used to play with Himari (as a white cat) all the time and had a very close relationship with her. He also had a close friendship with Kuesu Jinguji, who would later be his fiancée. However, due to the amount of magic in the amulet that his grandmother gave to him (an omamori), most of his childhood memories were erased, though they were later regained after his visit to his grandparents' home and his reunion with Kuesu. Upon learning that he is a Demon Slayer, he becomes hesitant in fighting Ayakashi, believing that he could somehow try to make peace with them. After he witnesses Himari's demon side in Noihara and on Christmas Eve followed by Shuten-douji's and Tama's appearance, he soon realizes that he needs to start fighting for himself to preserve his way of peace.

As a descendant of the Amakawa Family, Yuto has the power of the Light Ferry (光渡し, hikari-watashi?), an ability that imbues ordinary objects (such as a pole or twig) with light-based energy, turning them into powerful melee weapons equivalent to that of a legendary blade. He can also imbue other weapons, shield himself from harm, and enhance his physical senses with it. One instance is when he imbued Himari's Yasutsuna to defeat Shuten-douji. He can also distract other enemies with it as well as explained by Hitsugi, once doing so against Tesuma. In order to control the Light Ferry, Yuto must keep a calm mind and have good composure. Prior to having some control over it, the Light Ferry only reacted when Yuto was in a near-death situation. In the anime, the Light Ferry is portrayed as a golden disk of light. Although the Amakawa Family is a higher-ranking family, they were not well-liked by the other Demon Slayer families because of their association with Ayakashi. In addition, the Light Ferry power has only descended to the male half of the family. The kanji for "heaven" (天, ten?) is used in his family name, in reference to the Light Ferry ability.

Himari (緋鞠?), later known as Himari Noihara (野井原 緋鞠, Noihara Himari?) after enrolling in Yuto's school, is a bakeneko, a shapeshifting cat demon, and the series' deuteragonist. She appears to Yuto as his bodyguard to protect him from the Ayakashi out of an ancient oath set by her ancestor, who was spared by one of the Amakawa's heads after he refused to kill her. She is armed with Yasutsuna (安綱?), a katana that was made in the Heian period and the Amakawas prized heirloom that was handed to her by Yuto's grandfather and is never seen without it (though she lost it in Chapters 18-29 of the manga and in episodes 7-10 of the anime after her fight with Kuesu) and usually keeps it hidden inside a cloth. Because of this, she is known to the Ayakashi as Noihara's Crimson Blade (野井原の緋剣, Noihara no hiken?) and often refers to herself as a "Protective Sword" (護り刀, mamorigatana?). She is always seen wearing traditional Japanese clothes (such as a kimono or a yukata) in addition to her signature pink bow used to hold her long ponytail. She is very close to Yuto, whom she refers to as "Young Master" (若殿, wakadono?), and is very flirtatious with him, often annoying Rinko to no end. The reason being is that she and Yuto got along well in Noihara during Yuto's childhood, at which she was a white cat at the time. Despite this, she is very serious about her duty as a bodyguard and is willing to protect Yuto by any means necessary, even willing to sacrifice herself to ensure his safety.

Himari can shapeshift from human to cat (the latter in which which she can also talk in) and can also shift halfway, showing some distinctive cat features like her ears and tail. Because she's a cat, she also shares some of their natural instincts as well, such as being scared of water (save for when she's taking a bath or shower), having a penchant for seafood, and being sensitive to winter temperatures. Aside, Himari has superhuman speed, strength, and endurance and she is extremely agile due to her cat-like nature. She is a swordsman of incredible skill, but she is also proficient with other bladed weapons (once using a scythe against Ageha in the anime) and is also skilled in close-range combat. Her abilities are weakened if she's near a Shinto temple, allowing even Rinko to beat her in an instant without using her full strength. When Himari loses her sanity during a battle, she goes on a berserker rampage and has an uncontrollable bloodlust from it, which Shizuku states is her kind's true nature—a demon who gains pleasure from hunting and losing herself in bloodshed, and that the more she fights, the more she reverts to her kind's killer instincts to the point that she loses herself completely. In the anime, she is depicted with a dark aura surrounding her body in addition to her having red eyes when she reaches this state. Her name means "Scarlet Ball".

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