Takashi Komuro
Last Name: Komuro
First Name: Takashi
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Takashi Komuro

TM Network is a Japanese pop/rock musical band. The members are Tetsuya Komuro (Keyboardist), Takashi Utsunomiya (Vocalist) and Naoto Kine (Guitarist). When they released the single "Get Wild" in 1987, their music became popular in Japan as the "futuristic pop songs with synthesizer."

They are regarded as a prototype of J-pop, because Tetsuya Komuro became a famous producer of dance-oriented J-pop singers in 1990s. However, their 2000 album Major Turn-Round was influenced by progressive rock.

They were originally members of a band called Speedway during their school days. The three of them formed TM Network. Their name is commonly thought to stand for "Time Machine Network". However, on September 6, 2006 on an episode of Trivia no Izumi claimed that TM actually stands for 'Tama', the district from Tokyo they all came from. While Trivia no Izumi claims that TM stands for 'Tama' Tetsuya Komuro himself as early as 1984 on the show LiveG, has said that the TM stands for Time Machine.

On August 22, 1983 TM Network took part in "the Fresh Sounds Contest" (フレッシュサウンズコンテスト) which was sponsored by Coca-Cola. The song they performed was "1974" and it was aired on TBS. This was their first step towards a record deal.

They made their record debut with single "Kinyoubi no lion (Friday's Lion)" and album "Rainbow Rainbow" on April 21, 1984.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]Takashi Komuro : Main Character of High School Of The Dead

Takashi is a classmate of Rei Miyamoto, a childhood friend who had to promised to marry him when the were younger. She had started dating Takashi's best friend Hisashi. Anyway after seeing the beginning of the zombie outbreak at the front gates of the school. Takashi grabs Rei and Hisashi, from class and tells them what he saw. They end up on of the roof the school, but along the way Hisashi was bitten, after killing Rei's boyfriend, his Best friend. Takashi goes back down into the school to escape where he runs into part of the main cast. From then on he starts to show he is that he is a very selfless and capable leader as he tries to find a place thats safe enough for his friends and family.