Tales of Phantasia OVA
Alternative Names:

Tales of Phantasia

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2004
Air Date: Nov 25, 2004 to Feb 24, 2006
Episodes: 4
Type: Series
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Tales of Phantasia OVA

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Tales of Phantasia - The Animation
テイルズ オブ ファンタジア THE ANIMATION

Cless Alvein, a young swordsman from the town of Totus, along with his friend Mint Adnade, a healer with the talent of Mana, are sent back in time to defeat Dhaos, a sorcerer imprisoned by their parents decades ago. Along with the help of the archer Chester Barklight, the summoner Klarth F. Lester and the half-elf Arche Klaine, they seek to right the wrongs of Dhaos and return peace to the land. Based on the 1995 Super Famicom Game by NAMCO, "Tales of Phantasia."
Extended Information

The plot is based on the game's plot, but there are details in the anime that are not in the game. However, the episodes themselves focus on the party's encounters with Dhaos and the scenes involving the Tree of Life and the Elves, omitting a great portion of the story told in the original game.


Cless Alvein - A swordsman living in the village of Toltus. This son of the local sword fighting school's master has practiced sword fighting since he was a small child. Although Cress's kind and gentle nature make him quite popular with the girls, once he confronts and enemy, he fights fearlessly and with valor. Cress is a truly dependable friend.

Mint Adnade - Mint always supports her friends with divine healing powers obtained by offering up prayers to the gods. Although Mint is modest and reserved, she possesses an unbending will and a stout heart.

Chester Barklight - Chester and Cress grew up together and are best friends. Orphaned at a young age, he lives with his little sister. A master of the bow, he is a tireless worker with a somewhat sarcastic attitude.

Klarth F. Lester - Claus studies the art of summoning in the village of Euclid. Deeply envious of the elves' natural ability to use magic, he suffers from an inferiority complex with respect to elves.

Arche Klaine - This half-elven magic user from the town of Hamel flies through the air on a broom. Although Arche can sometimes say harsh things, she actually possess a kind heart. She is a cheerful member of the party who is impossible to hate.

Arche Klaine (lead)Mika Kanai
Chester Barklight (lead)Kentarou Itou
Cless Alvein (lead)Takeshi Kusao
Klarth F Lester (lead)Kazuhiko Inoue
Mint Adnade (lead)Junko Iwao
DhaosToshiyuki Morikawa
MartelRie Tanaka
Suzu FujibayashiTaeko Kawata