The Great Qing Dynasty
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 38
Type: Series
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The Great Qing Dynasty


Heroic Legend of the Chin Dynasty
Episodes: 50

Best Actor winner Jiang Wen joins a period drama Heroic Legend of Qing Dynasty (a.k.a. The Qing Dynasty) made by the famous director Chen Jialin. This TV epic focuses on the life of the Manchurian hero Dorgun, who helps his brother to establish the Qing Dynasty and rule China. His brother, now the Qing Emperor, marries Dorgun's beloved woman to be his Queen. Dorgun puts aside his love for her and remain a loyal to the Emperor. After the Emperor dies, Dorgun serves as the regent to his son who has succeeded the throne. The young Emperor sees Dorgun as a threat to his power, and secretly plots against him. On the eve of the outbreak of a potential civil war, the Queen decides to stop their fight at all costs... (~yesasia)

Xu Qing
Jiang Wen
Zhang Feng Yi

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