The Law of Ueki
Year Produced: 2005
Episodes: 51
Type: Series
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The Law of Ueki

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A Life-Changing anime

haha, I know... Weird title.

But it IS life-changing, well, for me, that is...

The Law of Ueki, it is the best Anime I've ever watched!

The Law of Ueki is an anime of PRINCIPLE, FRIENDSHIP, and even MORALITY. It is not like those other senseless ones. It is not full of fluff. Love and affection are shown indirectly. Animation is AWESOME! (unlike the manga... no offense) It is NOT bloody.

This anime will make you use your logic (what is the weakness of the opponent?... or perhaps, How will Ueki beat such a strong power user?!), and It also shows will-power of every character (Why each power-user joined the battle, or, what their goal is....)

Storyline is perfect... well, not quite, but NEAR perfection!

It is NOT boring. Unlike those other shows wherein the characters talk and move so slowly.

The songs are awesome! And, It has background music all over the series (which prevents it from being boring).

It is an anime that moves your heart. It changed me, so it may change you too, regarding our ideas about friends, teams, and true strength.
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When Friendship's More Important Than Anything

Err-okay... Sorry for such a bad title, (arrh, my English's very bad. But even I know that, I'm still doing this review. LOL) because I don't found any title which better than it. *sweat* Emm-I won't bother creating a synopsis for the story, though it's nothing in the mainpage. Full synopsis can you get if you watch this anime, anyway.

Yes, I like this anime very much. The storyline's simple but nice. Somehow looks a little bit monotone, but not verbose likes Naruto's (sorry for Narutomania. I'm getting bored about this series.)
For music.. there is no comment from me. Character's song, backsound, opening-ending, insert song, and something like that*?*'re awesome. First I'd like to watch this anime's because of that too.

The characters all interesting, every charas've their special personalities which make we easy to loose in.*awh*
And just so you know, the anime's better than the manga (for me). The anime's tidy and seems very 'alive'.

Aaa~ There it is. A must watch anime if you very interested about friendship. I got much 'lesson' on it too.
(Geez, weird review. I must study hard in order to can writing good grammars and correct-spelling. So sorry about something wrong~ English's not my first language. Dx But I'll learn it better as soon as possible.)