The Quiet Duel - Movie
Year Produced: 1949
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
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The Quiet Duel - Movie


A Silent Duel
Shizukanaru Ketto

Kyoji Fujisaki, a young doctor, contracts syphilis from a patient during wartime surgery. After the war, he returns to his fiancée and rejects her without explanation. His nurse Rui learns the truth, however. When Fujisaki encounters the man who had infected him in the war, the doctor forces the man to take responsibility for himself and for the man's wife, who expects a child.

Mifune Toshiro - Dr. Fujisaki Kyoji
Shimura Takashi - Dr. Fujisaki Konosuke
Miki Sanjo - Matsumoto Misao
Kenjiro Uemura - Nakada Susuma
Nakakita Chieko - Nakada Takiko
Sengoku Noriko - Apprentice Nurse Minegishi Rui
Miyazaki Jyonosuke - Cpl. Horiguchi
Yamaguchi Isamu - Patrolman Nosaka
Matsumoto Shigeru - Boy with appendicitis
Machida Hiroko - Nurse Imai
Takami Kan - Laborer
Tobita Kisao - Boy with typhoid
Miyajima Shigeyuki - Officer
Date Tadashi - Father of boy with appendicitis
Sudo Etsuko - Mother of boy with appendicitis

Directed by:
Akira Kurosawa

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