The Rose
Alternative Names:

qiang wei zhi lian

Country of Origin: China
Year Produced: 2003
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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The Rose

AKA: "Qiang Wei Zhi Lian"

A stone with an ugly outward appearance and not catching to the eye: Would people be able to see the glittering gem that is wrapped around inside?

Being looked down by people for a long time, cold and indifferent treatments, It will gradually turn rusty and lose its brilliance; Or maybe after experiencing all these hardships, It's lustre and beauty will be highlighted even more?
Extended Information

Zheng Bai He (Ella Chen) is a young woman who is experiencing the worst day of her life. Her boyfriend dumps her because he thinks she's not pretty enough, and to make matters worse, she returns home to find that her grandmother and only family has passed away. However, there is still a slight glimmer of hope - Bai He's birth mother is still alive! In fact, her mother is none other than the famous superstar Han Li (Cecilia Yip). Bai He arrives at the Han household, and she finds that she already has three siblings.

Han Fu Rong (Joelle Lu), the eldest child of Han Li. She is stunningly beautiful and incredibly secretive. Fu Rong pretends like the stoic and cold older sister, acting like she doesn't care about the family, but deep down inside, she is a caring and genuine person. Bai He's older brother Han Jin (Jerry Huang) is the second child. His father was American, giving him blue eyes that he has always been ashamed of - so he wears sunglasses all the time to hide them. He has a horrible past, making him awfully cold and bitter. Last but definitely not least is Bai He's little half-brother, Han Kui (Joe Cheng). He is goofy and loud, not to mention he has a huge appetite. Also, he harbours love for his older half-brother, Jin.

Bai He feels intimidated by her new family, because they are all beautiful. She feels that she does not belong to this family because she thinks of herself as ugly and fat. Soon, the truth is revealed. Bai He actually isn't the child of Han Li. She is actually the child of Han Li's best friend, making her unrelated to the family except for Kui. This news hits him hard because he slowly discovers taht he has fallen out of love with Jin and in love with his older sister. However, he is caused more grief when Bai He constantly rejects him and falls deeper in love with Jin.

Jin is hesitant to accept Bai He because he still believes she is his younger sister. Also, the death of his fiance, Zhuang Zhe Qin (Selina Ren) had a major affect on him. He finds it difficult to leave Qin in the past and struggles with his newfound feelings for Bai He. However, he eventually falls deeply in love with Bai He - but they both know that Qin will still be an important part of their hearts.

One day, a girl named Xiao Feng (Hebe Tian) comes to the house, claiming she is Kui's fiance. Xiao Feng is upset when she finds out that Kui is in love with Bai He, but the two girls eventually develop a very unique bond.

As the series goes on, Bai He manages to change the people around her and warms their hearts. Her elder sister Fu Rong has become more open, Jin's heart of ice melted, and Kui has become more gentle...not to mention her usually neglective mother is now changing her ways.

Follow Ella, Joe Cheng, Jerry Huang and Joelle Lu for a story of family, love, and true beauty.

(Source; Drama Wiki written by Lixiangqingren)
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