The World Ends With You
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The World Ends With You

Any ShikixNeku fans there?
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F / Singapore
Posted 3/25/09  Reply  Quote

yaya-yuiki wrote:

Yes, you can see that Joshua acts A LOT more gay than he usually does.. xD

this may seem off topic but I'd rather support the joshuaXneku pairing
I reeeeeally like nekuXshiki... but y'know... [yaoi urges]...>////<

AHHH!!! joshuaXneku, my fav. <3 XD

They're just so cute together. I squealed like mad at the yaoi pics. Roflmao.

Pink and blue~

Joshua is pwnsome.
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21 / F / Conroe, Texas
Posted 6/30/09  Reply  Quote
Me! I love ShikixNeku
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22 / F / Try to find me~ *...
Posted 11/23/09  Reply  Quote
They are so cute together > U <♥
When you think about their relationship's evolution... = U -
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26 / F / online :'D thats...
Posted 3/17/10  Reply  Quote
i'm a shiki x neku fan. to be honest the storyline parts with joshua was boring (hears a lot of boooooo;'s)
but it's true. it was boring..

Beat isn't so bad. He's funny, so that part of the game is kinda ok. But if I had to be honest, I'd say Shiki's part was the most fun/interesting of the entire game. and everyone knows it.

but yes. shiki x neku 4ever. take that joshua fans. : P
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24 / F
Posted 7/13/10  Reply  Quote
haha I alway made him wear a dress and i'd laugh every time i saw it, too
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Posted 5/17/11  Reply  Quote
yeah, I love both of 'em XD
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18 / M / Machang,Kelantan
Posted 7/19/12  Reply  Quote
i think neku alone is alright
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