The World Ends With You
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The World Ends With You

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the world...begins with you


wake up. shaken up. plastered on asphalt.

as soon as i saw the trailer. i was thinking:'oh my gosh. i gotta buy this'
2 years later. i did. so here's my review for this mind-blowing game :]

'reach 104 in t mins. fail and face expulsion.'
at first, the whole story line was complicated. with the noise and reapers and composers. there was also the RG and UG of Shibuya. which i recommend first time players to read in between the lines. though the explanation went a tad out of point sometimes, during the second week. it all starts to make sense. different missions with different difficulties really set the adrenaline rush. and what more of using the NDS screens as a form of combat. it was really refreshing for me as i've not seen such a perfect collaboration of the two screens before. but of course, as for the psychs. i did have some challenge as some of the pins had the same controls and i ended up dashing around instead of harming the noise with huge flames. though i did use sub-command, i had troubles controlling the player in the top screen... but these were minor problems and i solved them rather quickly. there were NPC's that you had to interact with to complete missions and it was simply genius. the fact that creators left no stone unturned really was a exhilarating experience when i was playing TWEWY. and i have to admit, the noise files really had me hooked as i fought to complete everything. well. I'm still trying to achieve 100% completion and it is tough sometimes. but no game is fun without challenges.
- for storyline i gave a 4.5

well. what can i say about the graphics...? i was speechless. everything seemed so real and lifelike. especially Beat when he was freaking out. it was really funny. and the human-like features were amazing. there were no glitches. everything was polished. Joshua's expressions really gave me a feeling that he was a total... evil sarcastic kid at times. Beat and Rhyme's were very down-to-earth in a sense. Shiki's were really of that a troubled kid due to her past and uncleared misunderstandings and as for Neku... it really made me feel that he was struggling with having ties. the script never failed to deal a punch. there were very touching lines and sometimes, it just didn't feel 2D. it felt as if i was really in Shibuya, playing the Game and that all this was right before my eyes. though sometimes the script was slightly complicated, Neku's thoughts would somehow clear up any misunderstandings. as the story goes on, it gets more interactive as the loose ends tie up and sometimes, unexpected things show up. like pop quizzes, hidden locations and more quest items. TWEWY was revolutionary not only in graphics, but how they expressed the characters in the cut scenes.
-for graphics. i wanted to give a 10.... but since 5 was the limit... oh well. :]

the music wasn't your irrelevant bg sounds. it actually did have some relevancy to the whole story board. memorable ones like hybrid,Calling, amnesia, twister gang-mix are just a few that are stuck in my mind. especially amnesia. it made me break out into tears when they played this over the end of the first week. i really felt sorry for Neku and i actually used my stylus to stroke his cheek. okay... it was kinda weird for me to do that but as the sad tunes meddled with the cut scene, you can't not help but feel sorry for our protagonist. and there is the ending theme, lullaby for you. it really showed how a song, could say thousands of words. it just made the ending go...'bang!' and just like throughout the game, it never left me disappointed. and it was really creative of them to make the bg sounds sellable it places like AMX, Towa records and other places. i really loved it when i open the phone menu, and my favourite song just blasts out in my ear phones. i can change the song as and when i like. so long as the phone menu is usable.
- for music. i gave it 5 :]

may tomorrow be as wonderful too...

sounds familiar...? probably. okay. here's the jucy bit. i thought that once i was done with the game and i play it again... it will be the same. but no! i was proven wrong. during the second time, there will be a secret reports hidden throughout the game and there will be like sub-missions to get it. note: you don't have to neccesarily finish those sub-missions but there will be something extra... well. there're obvious clues so it really helped me alot. i'd really recommend everyone to try out the re-run and find those pig noise like you've never did before.
-for replay i gave it a 5!

thus concludes my review. it's a short one but i might edit some parts later on. hope you liked it :]
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Its a Wonderful World

My friend one day told me about this game, said "you have to play it, its the best game ever." I listened to her and found it a week after she told me bout it. Its been two years after I beat the game, I still love it and without her I'd probably wouldnt have found my absolute favorite game on the DS. Thanks Liz! And here's my review for TWEWY.

The World Ends With You, or known in japan 'Its a Wonderful World' is about a boy named Neku Sakuraba who does not understand people, one day he awakes at a intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo and begins his adventure fighting for his life in a game called the Reapers game. Rules of the game? Clear the mission, or face erasure. But there's more to it than that, and I suppose you'll just have to play the game yourself to see what I mean.

While most games rpgs when fighting are usually similar to games such as Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. However Squar Enix blew me away with their unque fights. You not just fought with one, but two at the same time. Neku on the bottom screen, and his partner on the top. It is hard to do, but no worries! You can always put Neku's partner on auto and just let him/her fight while you focus on Neku.
Now what exactly are fighting against? Noise. And not the kind we know. They are in all sort of forms. And just like in KH with the heartless, as you get more powerful, the tougher they'll be. they start out as harmless frogs, to giant pink elephants (I'm not joking). Luckily there's a level difficulty, but even at easy it wont be smooth run.
In order to fight these things you will need these pins called psychs, each are unique in their own way, some will have you tap at the touch screen, and some will have you yell at the mic. There's a total of 304 pins, do you think you can get the most powerful ones in the game?

Personally without its soundtrack it wouldnt be the same. It not just fit those moments in the game, it really fit in with the city and story. I swear, if this is why neku is wearing those headphones all the time then we now know he has good taste in music. =3
I understand I'm not saying much about the games music, and you'll know why when you listen to it. Its just one of those things I cannot discribe how amazing it is.

Now if it wasnt for Tatsuya Kando and the rest of TWEWY team this game wouldnt have been the way it is, they made it really felt like they put their heart and soul into this game. They left no detail out and used as much as the features that the DS has that most games on this system hardly uses. Their graphics were very simple and made me feel like I really was in shibuya as well as making me couldnt wait to see what happens next. which is why I finished this game in three weeks. xD
What made this game great was to know that it wasnt someone unfimilar, these are the same people who did Kingdom Hearts. (and if you havent played that game by now, play that too)

Overall this is a amazing game and deserves a 5.0. I recommend it to anyone who loves rpgs. And even when you're finished with the game theres more to do! Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this as I have writing it. Please, support Tatsuya and the team and buy the game, its worth it and you wont be disappointed!