To Aru Majutsu no Index
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A Certain Magical Index


Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Started Oct 4, 2008
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
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To Aru Majutsu no Index

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The Index Complex !!

Toaru Majutsu no Index is one of the most unique animes I've seen, its a I completey 170% recommended it!

Okayy lets get started here, Academy city is a city full of students which most of them are psychics (espers the word they use same difference.) being rated from level 0 - 5, Kamijou Touma is a level Zero with "gifted" power to negate other psychic's and other paranormal powers etc, but the horrible side effect is that it negates his own luck making him have a terrible day in the first episode.

Possibly his only good luck that if you call it good luck is meeting Index she eats all the spoiled food in his apartment, and thought it was good of all things that would of made me sick.. yucky, okayy enough explaining the first episode, this anime is full of interesting story line so if you can fine it on youtube or any site in that matter WATCH IT! I MEAN IT.. I give this anime 9.4/10 I would rate it a ten but I think it ended to early I hope there's a second two.
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Season 1 Review of Toaru Majutsu no Index

I'll write this review over the first season because I have a few different opinions over both seasons. Since I'm fairly certain that most of you have already read the summary, I'll just move on to the actual reviewing part.

Animation: The animation was pretty good and the fighting scenes were nicely animated.

Music: While not the best soundtrack I've ever heard, it was still fairly good. The music set up the mood well for whatever occasion be it an epic battle, a comedy scene with Index and Touma or even a scene with a heart-broken character on the verge of tears. Again, I have heard better but even so, it did it's job effectively. Oh, and the OP & ED songs! The first OP was great, it set up a nice mood for an action anime but that is to be expected because it was sung by Mami Kawada, one of my favorite anime singers who also sang some of the OPs for the anime Shakugan no Shana, I might add. The 1st ED was okay... It was pretty average and a little slow for my tastes because most of the time the episode didn't end with such a mood as the ED set. It kinda gave a sad "good-bye" feeling. The 2nd OP exceeded the 1st in terms of awesomeness. ^^ And it was, of course, by the same wonderful artist. It set an even more "actiony" mood than the first, which is good. Regretfully, it was only the opening for the last 4 episodes... The last ED was waaay better than the first. It gave off a happier, more upbeat feeling, much more suited for that anime.

Storyline: The overall plot is not so original but the magic and supernatural abilities of the students and other unusual plot-twists make up for it. After all, instead of fighting vicious monsters, demons, or maybe even beings not of the same world, they fight magicians and espers in order to protect Index which actually isn't all that cliche. The story kinda annoyed me because it was usually about magicians and hardly ever any espers. I mean, come on! I thought this show was about student espers with amazing abilities, not about magicians and evil churches! I understand that only those people are after Index but still. The more magician arcs there were, the more bored I became. When they did show an esper arc, I was very glad that they switched up roles a bit. Still, although I began to become annoyed by the magic the plot was still decent.

Characters: I'm really glad to say that I enjoyed all the characters! ^^ They are not cliche at all, even when I began to think that they weren't very original, the anime threw a unexpected twist about their personality and character to me. (Unlike most anime I've seen...) I didn't even come close to disliking one of the characters!

Overall: I give this anime a 4 out of 5! The magician arcs can become annoying but in the end, this show is still epic. The characters left me at awe with their designs and likable personalities and the music is nice! An extraordinary anime indeed, I'm glad I finished it! It's a winner!

Until next time, see ya!

Superpowered Awesomeness

Ok, my guilty pleasure is anything that blends comedy with fantasy and lots of action. This series can be pretty light (at least from first glance with the comedy), but it can become pretty gruesome and dark at the drop of a hat.

I haven't read too far in the light novel series that the anime is based off of, but when I watched this anime it definitely got me into it. The world is believable and realistic (at least as realistic as it can be to the point where it's not so distant that you can brush it off).

Give it a watch then go on to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. It runs parallel to this.