To Heart - Remember my memories
Year Produced: 2004
Episodes: 19
Type: Series
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To Heart - Remember my memories

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Time flies by; Hiroyuki and Akari are 12th-graders now. Both of them and their friends have grown up gradually in someway, physically or mentally, but one of their best friends is missing: the lifelike android Multi. To their surprise, Multi is brought to their campus again without notice, yet she is no longer the same Multi they have known.
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Akari Kamigishi (lead)
Hiroyuki Fujita (lead)Kazuya Ichijou
Aoi Matsubara
Ayaka Kurusugawa
Kotone HimekawaKyoko Hikami
Lemmy MiyauchiRumi Kasahara
Masashi SatoSouichirou Hoshi
Multi HMX-12
Serika Kurusugawa
Serio (HMX-13)
Shiho Nagaoka
Tomoko Hoshina