First Name: Toboe
トオボエ (遠吠え)
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Toboe (トオボエ(遠吠え), Tōboe, lit. "Howling") is the youngest of the group, often acting more like a puppy than a wolf. Toboe was raised as a pet by "Granny", an elderly woman, whom he accidentally killed in an unrestrained act of playfulness. The silver bracelets are all he has left of her. Toboe maintains an affection for humans that none of the other wolves can understand (with the exception of Blue). On one occasion Toboe saves Quent from freezing to death in the snow by sharing his body warmth with him, and is later grateful to discover that Quent has survived despite the fact that Quent immediately tries to shoot him. Toboe looks up to Tsume and usually follows him when the group splits up. He also seems to have the best hearing out of all of them. He often is more shy than bold, although when the pack is in dire threat his rage can stand beyond his timid nature and propel him ravenously into battle. An example of this is when the pack are crossing an ice floe and are attacked by a giant walrus. At first, Toboe is frozen in fear, but when it seems that the others are about to be killed Toboe suddenly attacks the walrus himself and manages to defeat it despite almost drowning in the process. Though he still acts like a puppy in some ways, the others now consider him an adult, and a valuable fighting partner. In episode 29 Toboe unsuccessfully attempts to protect Quent from Darcia and both he and Quent are mortally wounded. Realizing that it was Toboe who saved him previously, Quent finally understands that wolves are not evil and comforts the dying wolf as his own life ebbs away. As he dies Toboe has a vision of Paradise in which he is reunited with Granny and able to run and play as a pup. Later Tsume spends some time alone with Toboe's body and drops his tough facade to weep for his friend, and even confesses the truth about his scar. After Earth's regeneration, Toboe is seen at a city in his human form.

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Extended Information

Hiroki Shimowada, who voices the character, felt that though Toboe was "young and inexperienced", he also acted as the go between for the other three, giving them a buffer or a bond as needed. He suggests that the other wolf's keep him around because they view him as a kind son.