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Tomb Raider

Underworld Predictions
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Posted 9/9/08, Edited 9/9/08  Reply  Quote
Well, the TR8 is soon to be released. There are lots of people already predicted what's gonna happened in the latest game. I have a few predictions though.

My predictions are:

- Natla's coming back (as what the trailer had already shown), so is Amanda
- Lara will found out that her mum's really dead. Well, I mean, not really "alive".
- Someone will try to betray her (hmmm, well i know who it could be).
- TR8 is more complicated than TR7 game! More difficult gameplay than ever!

That's my predictions so far. So, what's yours?
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Posted 12/30/08, Edited 12/30/08  Reply  Quote
like you girl.....
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