Tomoko Saeki
佐伯 倫子
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Tomoko Saeki

DNA² (D・N・A² ~何処かで失くしたあいつのアイツ~, DNA² Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu?) is a science fiction manga series by Masakazu Katsura, which was later adapted into a 15-episode anime series.

It was serialized across Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between 1993 and 1994, spanning a total of 5 volumes.

The TV anime series ran on Nippon TV from October 7, 1994 to December 23, 1994 and was later followed by a three-episode OVA. Produced by Madhouse, it was directed by Jun'ichi Sakata, whereas the character designer and animation director for the series was Kumiko Takahashi. The series has also been aired in Japan on Animax, which has also aired the series across its respective networks worldwide, including its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia (where the series received its English-language premiere). All 15 episodes are currently licensed in North America by Central Park Media and are available on a five-disc DVD set. There is also a fan-created spinoff dating sim game called Simgirls created by Sim Man.

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