Torako Kageyama
Last Name: Kageyama
First Name: Torako
上下山 虎子
Gender: Female
By Fumiko Orikasa
Type: Person
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Torako Kageyama

Hyakko (ヒャッコ, Hyakko?) is a Japanese manga created by Haruaki Katō. It started serialization on Flex Comix's free web comic FlexComix Blood on January 16, 2007. An anime adaptation has been announced.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]Torako is the main character in the Anime series Hyakko. She has reddish hair, and is energetic and friendly. She makes friends with most of the girls in her class. Her closet friends are Ayumi, Tatsuki and especially Suzume.

She has problems at home though. Her mother died earlier and she was taken in by her father and stepmother. Oniyuri (eldest sister), Kitsune (elder brother) are both in the same school with her. Kitsune teases her a lot. Torako gets into a lot of trouble at home and runs away for periods of days. Suzume tags along with her on these occasions.