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Tsukuyomi (月詠, Tsukuyomi) Voiced by: Hiromi Tsunakake (Japanese), Samantha Inoue-Harte (English)
A Shinmei Ryuu swordswoman, is one of the three mercenary children that were hired to help Chigusa. Unlike Setsuna who uses a single sword style, she uses a sword and dagger style. She also knows how to use ofuda, or onmyōdō charms, the same way that Setsuna can. Tsukuyomi seems like she has a crush of sorts for Setsuna, though this is mostly of a subtextual nature, and likes to cosplay in Gothic Lolita cloths. She returned home after Chigusa was defeated.

As Negi's team arrives in the Magical World, a disguised Tsukuyomi was part of a squad lead by Fate to take down the Mahora team and frame them for the destruction of the gate between there and the human world. Recently, she was seen acting as Fate's spy, gathering information on the location and actions of the White Wing. When Fate triggered his battle with Negi in Ostia, Tsukuyomi appeared again before Setsuna, exhibiting a lust for fighting the hanyou. She almost defeated Setsuna and attempted to strip her, even implying that she intended to rape her. However, Setsuna quickly escaped and Tsukuyomi was forced to reteat in compliance with Fate's orders.

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