Ultra Maniac OVA
Year Produced: 2002
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Ultra Maniac OVA

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High school student and girls' tennis club leader Ayu Tateishi bumps into transfer student Nina Sakura, who is crying apparently because she has lost something. Later on, Ayu finds a pink electronic device and gives it to Nina. As a reward for finding her item, Nina reveals to Ayu that she is a witch in training and she offers to cast her a spell to help her win in a tennis game against the boys' club. Unfortunately, the spell doesn't enhance Ayu's abilities; instead, it turns her into a boy.
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Ayu Tateishi (lead)
Hiroki Tsujiai (lead)Navneet
Kaji Tetsushi (lead)Rishab
Maya Orihara (lead)
Nina Sakura (lead)
sayaka (lead)
Yuta Kirishima (lead)