Vampire Knight
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Vampire Kishi




Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Apr 8, 2008 to Jul 1, 2008
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Vampire Knight

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Vampire Knight Review

Although at first glance it may seem like your typical shoujo anime, it's not. As you get to know the characters and see the depth in them and explore their past, the vibe changes from a light and happy shoujo manga into a dark and bloody vibe. In the mist of all this you get romance. Although it comes in and out the romance is definitely there. The characters are all unique in one way or another, and you can't help but love the characters even more. Their mysterious past draws in into the anime even more, making you ponder what happened to them and why did it happen to them. The plot itself makes the fans go crazy and theories pop up left and right. Just when you think you know what's going to happen the mangaka throws something that either throws you off or completely confuses you. The music portrays the anime very well. The music also sets the mood for the anime and does a fantastic job of it.The animation was typical of any new anime: not the best but enough to get the eye. But as you continue watching the anime, you see the animation go from good to excellent and having more detail; which adds to the mood perfectly. Overall this anime is not your typical shoujo anime like many would assume. Try it and I guarantee you will like it, love it and hate it at the same time.
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The Best Anime EVER~!

Vampire Knight is the first number-one hit-anime\manga.
It's super amazing and awesome anime! So mysterious and exciting!
You just can't wait for next chapter\episode.
It's indisputable for those who have watched it before!

Here I wrote a story of each character (who I've seen her\him so far) in a short way!
It's a background of every characters in Vampire Knight~!


Is the hero of this amazing anime\manga. When she was five years her father died at the hand of some vampire and she was almost killed by another just if Kaname Kuran didn't save her life. She lost her memory since that horrible day. Ten years passed and now she lives in Across Academy at the chairman who raised and treated her as his daughter. The Chairman decided to make Across academy for normal and vampire students providing that vampires appear in the evening whereas normal ones in the morning period. All vampires whether guys or girls are gorgeous for all that Yuuki works as prefect and so is Zero to protect one from another. No one knows about their truly identity except Yuuki, Zero, Chairman and besides some of general assembly heads. Yuuki is good-hearted, humorous and admirer of Kaname Kuran who saved her ten years ago.

Kiryuu Zero (My Fav Character ^0^)

His parents are well-known vampire hunters. Since years ago they killed Shizuka 's pure blood boyfriend. Then she returned and killed his parents to avenge. She tricked his twin to join her range but Shizuka didn't kill Zero however she just bit him so he turn into vampire eventually. Chairman found and brought him to live with Yuuki. Zero was silent and grum all the time. He hates vampires to death especially Kaname and he can't stand that he's being one of them and always try to kill himself in any way if Yuuki doesn't stop him because he may transfer into a dangerous vampire between a moment and another thereafter can't control himself to stop sucking people's blood.


Yuuki's friend and roommate. She is kind and silent most of the time and always try to help Yuuki when she's depressed.


Kuran Kaname

He is a pure blood vampire. Has strong power and saved Yuuki's life. He can't suck any normal person because if he did he may kill that person or turn him\her into vampire.
Kaname loves Yuuki and he told her so. Sometimes we may feel he's bad but other times not. Still his truth is unknown. He's completely mysterious, calm and rarely smiles.

Idou Hanabusa

He's the son of inveterate family. Troublemaker, riant most of the time and elate. Sometimes the reader doesn't know what truly he thinks about. He may act blindly and disobey Kaname's commands but he regrets that eventually. Afraid of strong sun's ray and feels lazy in the morning.

Kain Akatsuki

Idou's cousin , they're together since they're young. We can say he's the only one who understands Idou.

Ichijou Takuma

He's pure blood and Asato Ichijou's grandson. Always with Kaname and he maybe the only one who knows how to deal with him. Funny and humorous most of the time. Readers always see him joking even at serious times.

Shiki Senri

He doesn't have a big role in the beginning of the Anime\Manga.
Silent and bored most of the time. He works as magazines coverer and his friend maybe is too. His past opened in the lately chapters. His mother is an actress or famous singer but got crazy after breaking up with his father. She hates and always tells him that he looks like that dump (his father). His power is his blood that turns into robes and hurt whoever it catches.


Shiki's friend and loves him very much. Always with him and she was asking about him when he went home then never came back.

Souen Ruka

A beautiful vampire and mysterious. She's in love with Kaname who doesn't like her. She offered herself to Kaname to suck her blood so he doesn't suffer any more but he refused.


Weak and always sick. Shizuka tricked her that if she lend her
Her body for a specific period she will help her healing her sickness.


kurosu Cahirman

He's the head master of Across Academy. Riant character that he may act like fools. He's kind and loves Yuuki very much and always asks her to call him "Dad". Sometimes he gives the impression of being mysterious.

Touga Yagari

Zero's and his twin's trainer when their father was alive. He's a vampire hunter as well, strong and mysterious. Loves Zero and always try to help him as possible.

This is what I got so far ,, hopefully that was helpful~!
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A VK Review By a Guy

Yeah, I am a guy. And this is my review for Vampire Knight, the first season. I've never watched Guilty. So if there are any mistakes, please don't hate me for it!

Story: 3/5
It's about a girl named Yuki who has to guard the Night Class from the Day Class, but the Night Class are actually a group of Vampires who follows Pureblood Vampire Kaname Kuran. Zero Kiryu, an orphan who holds a grudge against vampires because his parents were killed by them, also has the same job, but is tormented by his transformation into Level E. He meets his Vampire Hunter mentor and eventually fights against his twin brother and the vampire who killed his parents. What's wierd is that the focus is practically on Zero for most of the serious to the point where I began thinking, "Zero is the main character!" And nothing really happens to anyone during the entire anime series (excluding Guilty) except to Zero! There were no plot twists that shocked me and it every episode was so predictable. The only episode that kinda got me was the end, and it pissed me off to no end.

Music: 4/5
I feel the opening and ending themes (mostly the latter) sets the tone for this series pretty well. The classical music also enhances the show and supports several scenes. But the only track that I can remember clearly is Zero's Theme because it plays in almost every episode. Everything else is basically background music and not really memorable.

Characters: 2/5
My biggest gripe for Vampire Knight are the characters because they annoy me to no end. Here's why:
Yuuki: Supposedly the main heroine, but what does she actually do? The few scenes I remember are of her being assaulted by Level Es and having to be rescued by other people. She doesn't even develop in any episode! All she does is think about the things that just happened and then she feels guilty! The closest she gets to character development is her decision to protect Zero and let him suck her blood... and that's it. She really doesn't do anything else other than think.
Zero: Probably my favorite character because he actually goes through character development because the first season practically revolves around him! I feel sorry for all the stuff he's gone through and it gets worse through the first season.
Kaname: Honestly, I don't like him. He's the ringleader of the Night Class and acts like he can do whatever he wants, even acting like a jerk towards Zero. He also doesn't develop throughout the series. Every scene of him actually makes me mad and I don't know why. And no, I'm not a Zero yay/Kaname nay fan.
Night Class: Although they each have their own little personality, they too 'sigh' don't go through any development. My favorite character out of all of them would be Ichijou because he's the nicest, most level-headed Vampire besides Kain. And why in the world is every Night Class Vampire a pretty boy? Is it some sort of rule? While I know it is focused on a female audience, it sets the standards higher for girls seeking a handsome man. And that is NOT good for guys. It kinda promotes the outside more than the inside. Look at Kaname: A good-looking man who acts like a jerk to everyone except Yuki.
Day Class: All just rabid Night Class fangirls who are so one-dimensional and flavorless. I know they aren't supposed to be supporting characters, but besides Yori, they all piss me off because of how immature and predictable they are. Although the Class Rep is funny to watch.
You get my point. The one detail missing for these characters are development which is a big part of anime.

Animation: 4.5/5
Probably the best part of the anime is the animation. It's gorgeous and dark. The fangirls seem pleased by it as well. But their is one thing about it: The fighting scenes. It made me LOL when I watched Zero and Ichiru fight; looked vaguely similar to those high-speed DBZ fights that are more shounen than shoujo. I guess the artists for the series had more emphasis on looks than action, which is fine since it is a shoujo series.

Overall: 3/5 AVERAGE
Blood, romance, and pretty boys are the prime reason the girls watch the anime. If all three of these were missing, I'm sure it wouldn't have the fanbase it has currently. With barely any character development and non-likeable characters, hardcore anime fans and guys probably should stay away. I had to watch the anime in short bursts because I could barely take one episode. But for girls, I guess this anime is for you.
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Vampire Knight Review ~ImperfectAnge1

A beautiful, romantic, suspense-filled story. The characters are completely fabulous and as you learn of their past and how they become connected with one another, you feel like you want to be there assisting them or rather, become them. So far it is one of the best anime I've ever found besides the popular animes such as, naruto, bleach, FMA...etc. Definately needs to have an actual movie created for this series by real people. I highly recommend this anime to all vampire lovers. PS- It surpasses Twilight by FAR!
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Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty

This anime is probably my favorite anime of all time, no joke. The characters are developed well and are unique in their own way. They are animated amazingly as well. The animation is very good, and better than certain other animes. I think the music is amazing. The openings and closing are always good. The actually music during the show, like each character's themes, are very well done in my opinion. There was no a single song that I disliked in the whole series. The storyline was amazing as well, but in Guilty, I think it was "overstuffed," for lack of a better word. It all worked out in the end, but while you were watching it, it was a tiny bit confusing because so many things were happening at once.

While I was waiting for Guilty to be dubbed, I was going crazy! I wanted to watch it so badly! And when it finally did come out, I threw a party for 5 minutes and watched all of the episodes in one day.

Usually, I'm not one for romances, but in this anime, it's better because the romance factor isn't what is focused on. There's drama and a smidgen of comedy as well as a little action as well.
Overall, I give it 5/5

Zero Kiryu X Yuki Cross
You rock Zero! =3
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Vampire Knight is pretty good

This first series is pretty good but sort of confusing I guess? and since I haven't read the manga I've probably missed a lot... anyways I still think they storyline is great and how the Chairman is trying to create a Vampire-Humans environment!! haha

but I love how it gets super exciting near the end of this series!! and the music is way cool and suits the show perfectly!! I totally recommend it to anyone who likes twilight... haha... XD

So, I've actually read and finished the manga. My god, I love this series. I don't even know how many times I've watched this anime xD Anyways, it's an overall pretty good anime if you like vampires, romance and a bit of comedy rolled into one. Personally, the fights scenes are good but be aware of the blood shed in this anime. There's a fair bit. haha.
Overall, an excellent anime though I do wish there was a third season. D: It's quite lacking at only the second season and leaves a lot of the plot to be continued. Which led me to read the manga... ^^ lol
so yeah! it's super funny too! and when it get serious it makes you feel like your on the edge of your seat! ><
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Day Class, Night Class...

Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects at Cross Academy, and they must protect the secret of the school - that the night class are all vampires, while protecting themselves too...

The general idea of this anime is good, and the characters are all wonderfully looking, yet there is something lacking to make this series a top class one. Maybe there is too much focused on Yuuki's inner thoughts...
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characters super excellent

the person i luv the most is KURAN KANAME.
well, he has strong power n a shroud of mystery, he done well in any matter.
he is handsome n the most important is he always so yasashi n put his all luv into Yuki.
that makes me proud to be him, Kuran Kaname's fan.

Kuran Yuki/Cross Yuki, the second person i luv.
she is very brave, although i am a girl 2, but i can't be the same as her.
she try to help Zero n Kaname-sama.
also, she has a pure heart, a kind personality.
daisuki desu!
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