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Vampire Knight Guilty
Alternative Names:

ヴァンパイア騎士 Guilty (Japanese)

Bampaiya Naito

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Oct 6, 2008 to Dec 30, 2008
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
Page Views: 2063287
Fans: 16385
Forum Posts: 10413
Wall Posts: 33062
Photos Uploaded: 2309

Vampire Knight Guilty

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:

A sequel which is Equal to the original

Vampire Knight Guilty is a pretty good series. My only major fault to it was it's characters.

I did indeed like the characters but I've read some other manga with Love Triangles and quite frankly VK's wasn't so good. It mostly annoyed me.

I watched the Series without shipping YuukiXKaname or YuukiXZero [or ZeroXKaname xP] So I don't feel so disapointed as YuukiXZero fans did with the ending.

I'll make this VERY Clear. There CANNOT be a season 3 it is impossible due to how the Anime was done. There is some important things left out from the anime that are now the KEY part of the manga after what happens in the ending. It would be incredibly hard for them to come back from leaving Sara out of the story line even though at first everyone would have thought her appearance meant nothing. Unfortunatly for Season 3 wanters, Sara was needed in the storyline to allow them to make a season 3.

Now back to what I was saying.

The storyline was good a little bland at times but it was good. And the music was fantastic.

As I said my main problems are with the characters even though I too am a Fan of most of the Characters in VK.
Kaname; I feel he's too pushy... sure he's waited and waited, but he's not even giving the girl a chance to think whether or not she even likes him like that. Sure people will point out something wrong with that but it's true. Yuuki is never given time to really think if she wants to be with Kaname or not, she knows he is her "Brother" and also that they are Fiancee's but thing is, Yuuki was five when that was decided she's now fifteen why can't she be given the chance to decide? And so Kaname annoyed me a lot...
Zero; He should just give up and move on Yuuki should have Aidou's hair colour as her own natural colour.
Yuuki; [Look above] She's clueless most of the time and just goes along with it, she's a rather annoying character as well.

Funnily enough my annoyance is pretty much just in the three main character's their backing cast are well developed and are done really well.

.___.;; And so that turned into a Rant about characters... But still If you can handle those sorts of characters add in a load of Hot Vampires~ You'll probably love VK too.

Also Fans who want to see what happens next I recomend reading the manga, but make sure you do it from the start so you don't miss things that aren't in the anime.
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Vampire knight guilty--fave anime!!

Really luv vampire knight!!
especially when I knew that yuuki and kaname are siblings!!
And it becomes more exciting when Rido came!!
But I feel pity on zero..
'cause yuuki left him in the end...
I really want 2 have a season 3.
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Good, but not the best...

Okay, so I have to admit, the second season wasn't extremely to my liking. The way it started off was great! WE got to see Zero again and everything seemd just peachy! HOWEVER, I started to have some problems when Yuuki became a vampire. Although it's cool to have a really good twist to the story, I felt that it really just blew off the zero x yuuki relationship. Still, it was the ending that bugged me the most. Its okay that Yuuki chose Kaname, but did she really just have to leave Zero in the dark like that? Seriously, that guy had it horrilbe in the beginning by losing his family, his humanity, and his brother. But NOW he lost the love of his life too! So yes, I'm a huge zero supporter. I just love his character and his personality, no matter how dark it may be. Still, overall, this anime was pretty good. A lot of great action and a good storyline, I just wished it would have ended on a HAPPIER note...
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Vampire kngiht guity

yeah i know zero is hot guy and tht stoy is cool to watch but i dont know wht hppen next cause thy just said they will waiting for each other and i very very very wnt to see the next part but i cant and tht is true for the song is good hahahahhahahahh do do any body can watch it i very wnt to know abt it hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmaaa....
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