Vic Zhou
Last Name: Zhou
First Name: Vic
Zai Zai
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Birthday: Jun 9, 1981
Blood Type: O
Type: Person
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Vic Zhou

Vic Zhou (traditional Chinese: 周渝民; pinyin: Zhōu Yúmín) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and commercial model from Taiwan. He is a member of the famous Taiwanese boy band JVKV, also known as F4, and has starred in many Taiwanese dramas. His stage name, 周渝民, literally means “a completely changed person”. It had a variation only in the middle character (from 育 to 渝) from his birth name, 周育民 (pinyin: Zhōu Yùmín), which literally means “a completely nourished or reared person”.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]Tv Shows
* Black & White (2009)
* Wish to See You Again (CTS, 2008)
* Sweet Relationship (CTS, 2007)
* Silence (CTV, 2006)
* Mars (CTS, 2004)
* Love Storm (CTS, 2003)
* Meteor Rain (CTS, 2002)
* Meteor Garden II (CTS, 2002)
* Come To My Place (CTV, 2002)
* Poor Prince Taro (CTS, 2001)
* Meteor Garden (CTS, 2000)