Wandering Son
Alternative Names:

Hourou Musuko

Hōrō Musuko

The Transient Son



Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2011
Air Date: Started Jan 14, 2011
Episodes: 11
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Shuichi Nitori
By Kōsuke Hatakeyama
Type: Series
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Wandering Son


Lovely take on a sensitive topic

Wandering Son follows the life a of a young boy, who wishes to dress as a girl, and his circle of friends. I have never seen an anime or any animation about gender dysphoria before, and ever more rare is to see any stories about such young people in this turmoil. Yet, Wandering Son doesn't go overboard with the topic, and the overall feel of this lighthearted slice of life scenario is innocent and quite careful. The style is soft, and watercolor like, but the character looks are rather flat and uniform. With so much focus on the appeal of all things pretty, I wish the quality of the beautiful backgrounds would have reached the characters as well. In general, a lovely story suitable for any ages.

Beautifully Crafted Series

The series is beautifully crafted and follows the lives of Shūichi, who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino, who wants to be a boy. The Anime does a wonderful job of portraying transsexuals, their gender dysphoria, and the struggle to be oneself in a world fairly hostile to who you are. How both deal with their gender dysphoria and their growing up is nicely done and is a highly respectful piece about transgender issues. Considering how rare it is to find any show really to explore gender identity in such a respectful manner, this show is high on my list of one of the best Anime I've seen in a long while.

It's definitely worth the watch, for not only do you see what a transperson's life is like growing up and dealing with their dysphoria, but it also has sweet romantic subplots and nice friendship subplots that add depth to the storyline. All the characters have great depth and are fairly well developed throughout the Anime, and the show itself is sweet - often bittersweet since neither Shūichi nor Yoshino have the opportunity to transition - and very cute. I highly, highly recommend.
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Wandering Son -- Review

When i first watched this anime, i was kinda confused as to what was going on..
I thought Takatsuki WAS a boy!! But tbh i didn't really think Nitori was a girl.. O.o

I think its a really sweet romance / slice of life story and i highly recommend it! <3
I would say that the children's / teenager's views on life were a bit far fetched (as in, they r too young to think about some of these things) AND I WOULD KNOW FROM FIRST HAND COS I AM A TEENAGER LOL. So ye, its totally amazing, but i wouldn't exactly call it a slice of life.. more like TOTALLY ADULT TEENAGERS lol.

thankyou for this cute animeeeee~