Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune is an arcade racing game based on a manga entitled Wangan Midnight, which follows street racing on Tokyo's freeways.

Like Initial D Arcade Stage, this game employs magnetic cards which store the data of the player (car type, tuning, story mode progress, time attack, outrun status).

Also as in Initial D, it is not backwards compatible (i.e. a WMMT2 card cannot be used on WMMT1); the user must upgrade his or her card, which is permanent, if he wishes to transfer his/her data from WMMT1 onto WMMT2, and after 50 plays (60 in WMMT2), a player must renew his/her card. However, unlike Initial D, once a player completes 20 story mode stages in WMMT2, his/her card will be ejected, but retain the game data as a back up.

This allows for two clone cards, or "discards," each with up to 20 points of tuning to be made. The discards will be of the same car model and color. Name, rims, and aero/carbon-parts tuning can be chosen again (unless driving a car with only one setting, namely the Corolla and HiAce).

The player has the option of purchasing a magnetic card or select a car prior to racing, with the basic horsepower value and name "GUEST".

While playing the game as a "guest", players can not use the special cars in the Time Attack mode prior to WMMT3, such as the Devil Z, Reina GT-R, and the Blackbird.
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