We Got Married
Alternative Names:

We Just Married

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Started Mar 16, 2008
Episodes: 118
Type: Series
Page Views: 2208193
Fans: 3248
Forum Posts: 5044
Wall Posts: 10671
Photos Uploaded: 3016

We Got Married

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Posted 7/17/08  Reply  Quote
^translations of seo in young talking about crown j on the 3 women's show.
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Posted 8/20/08  Reply  Quote
Alex fans, I just realized alex is in Big Bang & Wonder Girls mini music drama, lol. it's a short cameo but it's a cute drama to watch[:
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Posted 8/30/08, Edited 8/30/08  Reply  Quote
Can't start a new topic.. hope this thread is okay to share..

KSU has stopped subbing. If anyone here have the urge to watch ep 22, one of the members on soompi have softsubs. But you will need to download the raw version (LQ) first:
http://dkyang258.googlepages.com/wegotmarried (raw versions are all here)

Softsubs for ep 22 is at last few pages here:

For those lazy to dl, I can't find a complete stream with eng sub.
AnBi ep 22 sub is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/samainee
Crown J and In Young ep 22 sub is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/joongbolove
AlShin ep 22 sub is here: http://www.youtube.com/sglastexile
JoongBo ep 22 sub is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/JoongBoSkittles03

PS: If you have any other links, feel free to share.
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Posted 8/30/08  Reply  Quote
Ah thank you tohlz.. i was searching for a place where to download the episodes.. thanks ! ^^v
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Posted 9/5/08  Reply  Quote
please where can i watch or download Xman #44 Dangyunhaji - Hwang Bo vs Kim Hyun Joong (eng subs) because they are nomore on youtube?
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Posted 5/28/09  Reply  Quote
annyeong! its good to know that you are one of us "joongboers" mind if you can join us joongbo addicts in joongbo addicts int'l forum.. if you still not a member, kindly register and join us.. http://joongboforum.ipbfree.com

komawo! TO THE WORLD!
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Posted 9/27/10  Reply  Quote
Can anyone tell me the subs for episode 44?? I can't find it anywhere and that's when some of the couples leave so i would really like to watch it! Thank you! ^.^ <3 we got married!
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