We Got Married
Alternative Names:

We Just Married

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Started Mar 16, 2008
Episodes: 118
Type: Series
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We Got Married

Created by standiari
Which couple will pass from reel to real?
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28 / F / JUST BESIDE SS501^^
Posted 10/2/08  Reply  Quote
i vote for so im young and crown j.. both of them look nice together just like they already a married couple even they just an artificial married couple..
however.. i saw the same for ansol couple.. they also look nice ana undertstand each other feelings too..

so.. i just have to watch until end.. couse now im still watched at 20ep..so ill continued.. lets just watched together and together we all see who will pass...
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28 / F / Sharjah, U.A.E ((...
Posted 10/2/08  Reply  Quote
well i really want all the couples to become real coples after the show but i was really suprised by SIY and the way she treated crown j. hes a really nice guy and doesnt deserve to be treated that way. oh and shinae all of a sudden i feel that she really loves alex...they do look good together, and sweet solbi she cried alot kinda feel sorry for her.....the lettuce couple rocks theyre the only couple that really care abt each other.
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35 / F / Beyond the beyond.
Posted 12/16/08  Reply  Quote
I'm really surprised the Joongbo couple got such low votes. In all honesty, the Ansol couple really looked like a real married couple because of the fact that they were portraying a married couple. Except for the Ssangchu couple, everyone lived within the parameters of the pretend marriage. Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo on the other hand, couldn't seem to be a married couple, even for the show's sake. This was actually a good thing. Their segment instead showed us how they could be a real couple, maybe not as a married one (yet) but one that could potentially (and hopefully) lead up to it.
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31 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/16/08  Reply  Quote
previouslyi was hoping for anbi couple but since they exit from the show, there's been no sign of them going out or anything.. Now i think crown j & in young will surpass that stage.. there's been talks abt them going to america.. haha...
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Posted 12/17/08  Reply  Quote
this is funny coz the couple i'm voting has the lowest number of votes.. but im very positive that JoongBo will go from reel to REAL!
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Posted 12/18/08  Reply  Quote
haha! i think hwangbo and hyun joong might not end up as a couple, but should be very good friends! but oh well, don't know...leave it to fate! ^^ At least through this show they have both made a great buddy each
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29 / F
Posted 12/18/08  Reply  Quote
crown j and seo in young look the most natural and would be great together in real life.
also the lettuce couple would be great in real life too.
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35 / F
Posted 12/19/08  Reply  Quote
i LOVE Hyun Joong and Hwangbo !!! :DD
they were like starting to go closer then they had to
end the show D:

but it would be so cool if they can end up together
FOR REAL !!! ^^
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31 / F / Kyumin Fantasies~♥
Posted 12/22/08  Reply  Quote
Anbi couple yay my fave~
I also love to see The Joongbo couple as well.
I hope they'll remain as good friends
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24 / F / =dOha qAtaR=
Posted 12/23/08  Reply  Quote
probably it will be the lettuce couple..
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F / Bangkok
Posted 1/4/09  Reply  Quote
i vote for Andy and Solbi, i watch them and feel that they act as a natural couple and i hope they will keep in touch for each other in real
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32 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/8/09  Reply  Quote
I think logically it will be Crown J and In Young. They are so compatible as a couple, be it quarrelling, understanding or characteristic.
However, i hope Alex and Shinae would be together. So romantic~
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27 / F
Posted 1/9/09  Reply  Quote
I voted in young and crown J they seem more close now... but I also like anbi couple wanted to se more of them
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30 / F
Posted 1/12/09  Reply  Quote
Joongbo Are very similar to my kind of relationships, plus they have the most chemistry to me. So sad they are gone
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33 / F / kuwait
Posted 1/23/09  Reply  Quote

croissant025 wrote:

Hmmm.... Andy and Solbi for me.. I might be biased since i still haven't seen any other programs besides WGM.. maybe if i watch Come to Play...

yoshi_xuxa wrote:

Anbi and the Ants/Witch couple :P

However, Solbi in Come to Play (1st part) says that they are both busy after andy admits he would. u can see she is a bit hesitant. but i hope that even afterwards, when they settle down/take a break, they wud date each other.

i think solbi and andy couple might end witheach other in the future and they said so themself in come to play special but they will wait abit before they start dating i really wish they date for really they are looking good together
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