We Got Married
Alternative Names:

We Just Married

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Started Mar 16, 2008
Episodes: 118
Type: Series
Page Views: 2225272
Fans: 3248
Forum Posts: 5044
Wall Posts: 10671
Photos Uploaded: 3016

We Got Married

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Posted 5/23/11, Edited 5/23/11  Reply  Quote
we got married season 1 was bomb! serioulsy i dont live in korea but i am pretty sure that wgm gets really high rank view. wgm 1 was popular so they decided to to do season 2. i mean who wouldnt want that right? so i didnt watch season 2 since i didint know any of the celebrities that participated but after knowing 2pm from dream high etc i watched wgm2 and i loved it!!!! cnblue's vocal i s a real man tehe i mean he is just sooo my type. nickhun is perfect as always jong is cute esp 1 ep.
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Posted 4/6/12, Edited 4/7/12  Reply  Quote
I miss Sweet Potato Couple Yonghwa and Seohyun, Adam Couple Jo kwon and Gain and Khuntoria/ Victoria and Nichkhun. I swear they were the best couples ever!!! I cried so much when Khuntoria had to end.
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