We Got Married
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We Just Married

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Started Mar 16, 2008
Episodes: 118
Type: Series
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We Got Married

[Couple] Yonghwa (CN-Blue) & Seohyun (SNSD)
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36 / F / behind you
Posted 6/9/10  Reply  Quote

The newest and youngest couple in WGM that started last February 2010..

There have been speculations by the nitezens that the new couple in We Got Married by MBC won't work out well, since SNSD's Seohyun is really young and Yongwa's recent scandal. Due to these remarks, my attention was drawn to the couple.

I was sceptical at first when I was watching their couple airtime since I was and still is a huge fan of the Ssangchu couple(although I still think they won't even come close) but as I was watching it i can't help but smile with Seohyun's unexpected remarks and Yongwa's playfulness.

Seohyun has a lady-like charm that is irristable and cute. She is charming and smart, although I was really surprised of how naive she is in certain topic called love. And her bag has full of stuff that normal girls won't bring.^^

Yongwa is really playful and charming. I can see a different side of him from the drama You're Beautiful. He was considerate and worked really hard to make her comfortable. What I also liked was, though he knew that he might hurt her feelings, he chose to be honest and revealed his ideal type of girl.

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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/11/10  Reply  Quote
I Totally love this couple. they're so cute. yonghwa is like the ideal boyfriend who alot would really want to have. im super addicted to watching their episodes.
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24 / F / a boring place~
Posted 6/13/10  Reply  Quote
this is my all time favorite couple...they're sooo cute!!
can't wait to the next ep
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32 / F / Singapore
Posted 6/29/10  Reply  Quote
They are really cute!!! REALLY LOVE it when yonghwa meets snsd...
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26 / F / Qatar
Posted 8/12/10  Reply  Quote
i really love this couple!!!! i hope they can speak informal with each other since they are married already (^_^)V
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F / England
Posted 10/26/10  Reply  Quote
cute couple! YongSeo couple! Goguma couple!
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24 / F / Where the polar b...
Posted 11/7/10  Reply  Quote
i love this couple!
they're absolutely adorable together <3
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Posted 11/25/10  Reply  Quote
this couple is my favorite...plus yonghwa looks handsome here (unlike in you're beautiful)

can't wait for new episodes
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Pokemon Center
Posted 11/26/10  Reply  Quote
Hehehehe ^__^ I saw the whole episode It was soo cute and funny !
Seo Hyun hid in the back truck and Yonghwa was suprise, that was my favorite part!
And the Snsd vist them and became their noonas !
I love Korean variety shows :3
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41 / F
Posted 12/14/10  Reply  Quote
i'm in gu chun everytime i watch this couple
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26 / F / Neverland
Posted 3/24/11  Reply  Quote
I'm really going to miss them! Not ready to watch last epi
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23 / F / house
Posted 6/11/11  Reply  Quote
i like this two couple..they are like real couples
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21 / F / Queen City of the...
Posted 8/26/12  Reply  Quote
they're the first couple that I viewed and watched in WGM.
I definitely LOVE them :3 Yongseo "Goguma" Couple FIGHTING !
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