Wind A Breath of Heart
Year Produced: 2004
Episodes: 20
Type: Series
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Wind A Breath of Heart

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An airship drifts quietly over the town. In this town, everybody has a special quasi-magical power, save only for Makoto Okano. Having been away for years, he and his sister Hinata now return to the town, and Makoto soon encounters his childhood sweetheart Minamo. It seems the stuff of ordinary romance and everyday life, yet there is a mystery under the surface of the strange town.
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Hikari Tsukishiro (lead)
Makoto Okano (lead)Hisayoshi Suganuma
Minamo Narukaze (lead)
Jin Horikawa
Hinata Okano
Kasumi Shikohin
Nozomi FujimiyaJunko Okada
Tsutomu TachibanaAkio Suyama
Wakaba FujimiyaSayaka Aoki