Witness To A Prosecution
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Witness To A Prosecution

Sai Yuen Lok

1999 TVB drama Witness To A Prosecution centers around a famous coroner in the Sung Dynasty named Song Ci. Song Ci is an orphan who lives in a small village. He was given the nickname "coffin boy" because his mom gave birth to him in a coffin right before she died. The people in the village dislike him and think that he is bad luck until a murder case changes his life and paves the way for him to become the greatest coroner in Chinese history. A drama about investigation and reasoning, Witness To A Prosecution offers plenty of surprises and twists, helping it to sustain high ratings when it was broadcast in 1999.

Song Ci and Tang Si get involved in a murder case together and both receive the death sentence. Fortunately new official Song Yi saves their lives and even hires Song Ci as his assistant. Tang Si has a crush on Song Yi, who has already fallen in love with Nie Feng. Later Song Ci discovers that the Song Yi he has known for long is actually fake, and he even uncovers the real Song Yi's dead body! Can Song Ci finally arrest the fake Song Yi? Will he fall in love with one of the two girls? Get Witness To A Prosecution to find out!

The premise of this series is similar to western crime-drama series such as CBC's Da Vinci's Inquest or CBS's CSI series.
The main character of the series solves mysterious crimes in manners similar to those found in CSI, albeit without the modern technologies.

Bobby Au-Yeung (Song Ci)
Jessica Hsuan (Tang Si)
Frankie Lam (Song Yi)
Marianne Chen (Lip Fung)
Ma Tai-lo (Song Ling)
Lau Kar Fai (Nie Renlong)
Michael Tse (Xue Dan)
Law Mang (Cha Xiaocan)
Lau Kong (Ma Gui)
Eileen Yeoh (Lan Caitie)
Mimi Choo (Lu Hua)
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